Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spectacular Students Supporting I Care I Cure

We were privileged to be able to spend this evening
with a group of exceptional high school students here 
in Atlanta.   The Dunwoody HS I Care I Cure Student
Service Club had it's first fundraiser tonight and it
was a huge success.  If tonight is any indication, these 
kids are going to be an amazing asset to the
I Care I Cure family!

Jenna Hogan and Gabby Bloomberg the founders of the club

The festive atmosphere was apparent immediately! 

The Moon Song Band was great and supported 
I Care I Cure between songs!

The lines just kept getting longer....out the door!

Family support of the event
Sara, Fletcher, Lynn, Neil and Miles

Some of the girls involved in the group.
They had 125 students attend their first meeting last month!

Lynn with Hannah, Gabby and Jenna

All one big happy I Care I Cure family now!

Miles and Fletcher enjoying the party atmosphere!

Can't wait to hear how much $$$ they raised for I Care I Cure tonight!
We are looking forward to a close and long relationship with
the Dunwoody HS I Care I Cure Club!

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  1. Working for such cause is really amazing dear and I appreciate you for taking this great initiative. Last week I also had organized a fundraising event at event space San Francisco. Which was great and people there were being so generous.


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