Friday, September 23, 2016

Logo by Laurie!

So proud to reveal our new logo for this segment of the ride!

It was designed by Lynn's sister, Laurie!

This design is so perfect since it is still

It is so appropriate because we will travel through the
Sun Belt of the US on this ride!

This segment of the ride will take us from Phoenix, AZ
to the New Orleans area, a distance of more than 
1500 miles.  It will take us more than three weeks 
to do this ride, taking 12 days in Texas alone - everything 
is big in Texas, including the state itself!  This is 
the most challenging ride that Glenn will 
attempt with multiple century rides just to get from 
place to place where any kind of accommodation is 
available for us to sleep.  Below is our tentative route.  
Please let us know if you know anyone in any of these
 towns! Always love to find friends on the road!  

Monday, October 31               Globe, AZ to Safford, AZ                             77 miles
Tuesday, November 1             Safford, AZ to Gila, NM                               87 miles
Wednesday, November 2      Gila, NM to Hillsboro, NM                           84 miles
Thursday, November 3           Hillsboro, NM to Las Cruces, NM              76 miles
Friday, November 4                 Las Cruces, NM to El Paso, TX                   50 miles
Saturday, November 5            El Paso, TX to Van Horn, TX                       126 mile
Sunday, November 6              Van Horn, TX to Fort Davis, TX                   80 miles
Monday, November 7            Fort Davis, TX to Manhattan, TX                54 miles
Tuesday, November 8             Manhattan, TX to Dryden, TX                    74 miles
Wednesday, November 9       Dryden, TX to Del Rio, TX                           120 miles (or less)
Thursday, November 10          Del Rio, TX to Vanderpool, TX                   115 miles (or less)
Friday, November 11                Vanderpool, TX to Blanco, TX                   88.7 miles
Saturday, November 12           Blanco, TX to Bastrop, TX                           90 miles
Sunday, November 13              Bastrop, TX to Navasota, TX                      86 miles
Monday, November 14           Navasota, TX to New Waverly, TX             48 miles 
Tuesday, November 15           New Waverly, TX to Kountze, TX               82 miles
Wednesday, November 16     Kountze, TX to Deridder, LA                       82 miles
Thursday, November 17          Louisiana border to New Orleans to be determined later! 
Waiting to see how Louisiana recovers from the flooding before planning those days!

It is always important for us to keep the focus on why we do this year after year.

The I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation supports the development of, and raises public awareness about, cutting-edge, targeted therapies for childhood cancer, so that the treatment of childhood cancer will be gentler and more tolerable.
We want to challenge the public’s acceptance that treatment for childhood cancer requires painful and embarrassing side-effects and life-long health disabilities, isolation from friends and family, and short and long-term psychological devastation. By educating the public about scientific breakthroughs in genetic childhood cancer research that are within reach but seriously underfunded, we can quickly raise money to fund research grants and provide seed money to researchers for new studies.
By seeing how close we are to more humane treatment for childhood cancer, we know the public will demand better treatments, NOW.
One more child’s life that is lost to cancer is one too many!

Our nephew, Ian, is and always will be our inspiration for these rides!

More details soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Gearing" Up for Another Ride!

Uncle Glenn is "gearing" up for his next challenging solo bicycle ride to benefit I Care I Cure.  The ride will begin on October 30, 2016 departing from Phoenix, Arizona.  He will pedal through southern Arizona and New Mexico, ride many days through the very large state of Texas with the final destination being New Orleans!!  This is the longest trip that Uncle Glenn and Aunt Lynn have undertaken since beginning these fundraising rides in 2009.  It is 1500+ miles in about three weeks.   We'll be posting the specific stops very soon and hope to find that some of our supporters will be along the route or would like to hop on a bike to join Glenn!

Feel free to pass this blog site onto to anyone who is a cycling enthusiast,  friends who have had a personal experience with childhood cancer or anyone who might be impressed to see a 66 year old man accomplish this feat!   

Our direct fundraising page is set up and ready to go.  If you make a donation via your phone, be aware that there is a security code that must be entered at the bottom of the page.  
Please let us know if you have any problems at all! 

As always, we thank you so very much for your support and love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Are Family 2016!

The 9th Annual I Care I Cure I Run 5K and Family Fun Day
was a huge success!    It was a chilly, breezy morning but
spirits were high and the crowd was huge! 

Thanks to all who supported Team We Are Family!
We raised more than $3600 this year for a cause
that is so very important to our family!

Pre-race photo.....still a little dark and cool!

Evan, Fletcher, Neil Miles, Laurie,Kate, Seth, Jill, Benji,
Jerry, Fredi, Lynn,Shahak, Glenn and Jim

Evan and Miles are ready to race!

On your mark, get set.....

Inspirational signs along the race course!

Evan and Miles and all of the runners, walkers and 
supporters  ARE super fantastic!

Our goal!

Benji and Jerry were the first on our team to
cross the finish line!  Proud of the medal!

Seth and Fletcher

Family Fun included games and food!

Evan and Miles have an early morning cotton candy!

#Grandma spoiling

The sun shines on the team after a race well run (walked)!!!

Glenn, Seth, Shahak, Evan, Lynn, Miles, Jill, Laurie, Benji, Jerry, Kate, 
Beth, Jim, Noah, Fletcher, Fredi, and Neil

Until next year!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ready to Run.....or Walk!!!!

Each year our family gathers in Florida for the I Care I Cure I Run 5K and Family Fun Day. Most of you know that I Care I Cure was founded by Lynn's sister and brother-in-law after the tragic death of their son, Ian.  Ian was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January 2006, one week before his 11th birthday.   Although he was cancer-free in 15 days, his immune system was compromised by the chemo medications and he died within four months of meningitis. Next week would have been Ian's 21st birthday.  Even after nearly 10 years, we are all still lovingly committed to raising funds to insure research for gentler and more humane treatments for childhood cancer.  

Team We Are Family 2016 is ready to run....and walk in memory of Ian!

February 7, 2016 at 8 AM
at The BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida

Join us if you are in South Florida!

This photo was taken two years ago at the event!
Watch for this year's photos here after the Event weekend!

Because of the generosity of so many of you
while Glenn and Jim pedaled the panhandle in
November, I Care I Cure I Cycle has become a
Platinum Sponsor of this year's event!  
Thank you so much for making this possible.

Our Logo stands proudly at the top of the 
sponsor list and will have a prominent place
on the event t-shirts!  

Although we have no specific plans for the next ride yet, we are 
in the talking stage now.....hoping to share news in several months!

Westward Ho!

All we do, we do in memory of Ian!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spectacular Students Supporting I Care I Cure

We were privileged to be able to spend this evening
with a group of exceptional high school students here 
in Atlanta.   The Dunwoody HS I Care I Cure Student
Service Club had it's first fundraiser tonight and it
was a huge success.  If tonight is any indication, these 
kids are going to be an amazing asset to the
I Care I Cure family!

Jenna Hogan and Gabby Bloomberg the founders of the club

The festive atmosphere was apparent immediately! 

The Moon Song Band was great and supported 
I Care I Cure between songs!

The lines just kept getting longer....out the door!

Family support of the event
Sara, Fletcher, Lynn, Neil and Miles

Some of the girls involved in the group.
They had 125 students attend their first meeting last month!

Lynn with Hannah, Gabby and Jenna

All one big happy I Care I Cure family now!

Miles and Fletcher enjoying the party atmosphere!

Can't wait to hear how much $$$ they raised for I Care I Cure tonight!
We are looking forward to a close and long relationship with
the Dunwoody HS I Care I Cure Club!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Right here in our backyard!
I Care I Cure is spreading around the country!


I Care I Cure Student Service Clubs continue to grow.  125 students signed up
to be part of the newest club, founded by Jenna Hogan and Gabby Bloomberg.  

Jenna and Gabby discussed a way to raise both money and awareness for childhood cancer in the Dunwoody area through a club at their High School, and were thrilled to connect with the I Care I Cure Foundation. "We thought this would be the perfect way to get students involved in something at school that can really make a difference."  Jenna and Gabby said "reading Ian's story, and learning more about the foundation really made us eager to spread awareness and get something started at school. We are so excited to be apart of the I Care I Cure Foundation, and we cannot wait to see all of the involvement towards a cure for childhood cancer in our school and community."

I Care I Cure congratulates these dedicated students and welcomes them to the growing group of caring young adults who are committed to raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.  These students are our future.  One of them may actually be the one to make the breakthrough in research that may, one day, save children with cancer.  For more information on starting your own I Care I Cure Student Service Club visit us at

We are so thrilled to announce our association with this 
great group of HS students here in Atlanta!

They are having their first fundraiser for
I Care I Cure and we'll be there to support them.

Why not join us if you are in Atlanta?!?!?!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
5 PM - 9 PM
at The Village Burger

1426 Dunwoody Village Pkwy, 

Dunwoody, GA 30338

Food and Live Entertainment

10% of all proceeds will

be donated to I Care I Cure

Let's support

these Kids who Care!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Goals are Dreams With Deadlines!

Each year when we begin to plan the ride for 
I Care I Cure, we set an attainable goal.  This year it was 
$5000.  When we got close to that total we dared to
imagine that we could reach $7500.  This year that goal 
was met and surpassed because of each and every 
one of our generous donors!  With thanks, also, to a 
friend who, last week, made an incredible $3000 
donation from her family's foundation!  
We are so very happy to report that 
we have raised more than $10,000 this year
for I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation!!

Today I went back through all 7 years of the ride via 
the blog to try to calculate how much we have
raised since we began I Care I Cure I Cycle in 2009.   The 
estimated total is $41,488.00!  That includes $725
that our grandsons raised with two lemonade stands!
When we began doing this, we didn't have a clue
that this would become a yearly journey!
When we "arrive at one goal, it is the starting
point of another"!  We'll take a short break before
we start planning the next leg of this Westward ride!

Several times during this last ride Glenn mentioned, on
the more difficult days,  that perhaps he is getting too
old to do this any longer.  The last two days, one of them
a century ride, proved to him that he still has the stuff to
continue.   "You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream"!   

It's also never too late to donate!

Just Click Here :)

Our next big event for I Care I Cure is the 5K and Family Fun Day

I Care I Cure I Run 2016

I Care I Cure's 9th Annual I Care I Cure…I Run 
February 7, 2016, 8:00AM BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL. 

Join us this year for the 5K Run/Walk, followed by the 
Mile Run of Color Fun. This year, take your team to the 
next level!  Are you ready for the challenge?

If you'll be in South Florida, join our team,
We Are Family 2016!  

More details and registration info when it is available.