Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lettuce Tell You About Our Sweet Tomatoes FUNraiser!

We were so pleased and happy that 40 people attended our first 
FUNraiser at Sweet Tomatoes in Atlanta to welcome Uncle Glenn 
home from his most recent ride!  Thank you to all who attended 
and to those who could not but gave us generous donations!
Your friendship and support means so much to us!
Enjoy some photos from this event.....

Flyer that everyone had to present at the restaurant

A little advertising never hurts!

Our host for the evening!

Quiet before the crowds!

Sharon Turner, who used to work with Glenn and
Marilyn Layman, a current staff member, were the
first guests to arrive and were rewarded with t-shirts!

Fred and Shay Swayze win the prize for traveling the furthest to join us tonight!

Great to have our old neighbors the Tildens come out to support us tonight!

Brian Krebs and his family came from Alpharetta to join the fun.


Ann and Wayne Douglas learned more about I Care I Cure tonight!

Mindy Elkan and her grandson, Max, share a cuddle moment at the event!

So glad that Cheryl and Jeff Eagle were able to make it to the FUNraiser tonight!

Ben and Maizy Needle say "cheese" for the camera!

Miles, Sara and Seth are joined at dinner by Susie Eisert and Shay and
Fred Swayze while Neil and Wendy Kapiloff chat behind them.

Miles enjoyed his meal but the ice cream was his favorite!

Many thanks to Albert Pinto and Lenny and Wendy Kapiloff  for attending!

Thanks to the Rabin family for coming out tonight!

Michelle Needle and her girls, Alexis and Remy, are all smiles tonight!

Seth joins Lisa Snodgrass to catch up while enjoying dinner!

New friend and supporter of I Care I Cure, Brian Krebs!

A few moments to catch up with Linda Bernknopf!

Lenny Thurschwell stopped by to visit and lend support!

Rachael and Jack Rosenberg join the fun!

Family is so important to us and I Care I Cure has a special place in our hearts!
Seth, Sara, Lynn, Glenn, Miles and Neil

One more blog post will be coming later this week to wrap up!

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