Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Are Family 2016!

The 9th Annual I Care I Cure I Run 5K and Family Fun Day
was a huge success!    It was a chilly, breezy morning but
spirits were high and the crowd was huge! 

Thanks to all who supported Team We Are Family!
We raised more than $3600 this year for a cause
that is so very important to our family!

Pre-race photo.....still a little dark and cool!

Evan, Fletcher, Neil Miles, Laurie,Kate, Seth, Jill, Benji,
Jerry, Fredi, Lynn,Shahak, Glenn and Jim

Evan and Miles are ready to race!

On your mark, get set.....

Inspirational signs along the race course!

Evan and Miles and all of the runners, walkers and 
supporters  ARE super fantastic!

Our goal!

Benji and Jerry were the first on our team to
cross the finish line!  Proud of the medal!

Seth and Fletcher

Family Fun included games and food!

Evan and Miles have an early morning cotton candy!

#Grandma spoiling

The sun shines on the team after a race well run (walked)!!!

Glenn, Seth, Shahak, Evan, Lynn, Miles, Jill, Laurie, Benji, Jerry, Kate, 
Beth, Jim, Noah, Fletcher, Fredi, and Neil

Until next year!