Monday, April 22, 2013

A Possible Cancer Cure Touches Our Lives

Our purpose for this blog is to focus attention on the need for targeted
therapies for childhood cancer so it seems right to share this story here.
Cancer touches all of our lives at one time or another.  We 
feel helpless when we have friends and family members who
are suffering.  We can support them and love them but how often
do we have the opportunity to save them?

How many of us have had our mouths swabbed or had blood drawn to 
be placed on a bone marrow registry?   Do we ever actually expect to be
notified that we might be the match that is needed to save a life.

About 6 weeks ago, our son, Neil, got just such a call from 
It seemed that Neil might be a match for a 30 year old man with 
Multiple Myeloma. It was Neil's stem cells that would help this young man 
survive. After more blood tests and a physical, he was declared a match and 
he left today for Northern VA where the procedure will take place.  

Lynn and Neil celebrating his departure to VA today.

Off on this adventure.  Hoping that all goes well and that Neil's
stem cells bring good health and strength to the recipient.

For more information of how you can register to
be a donor click on this link below:

Watch for info next week about Glenn's next leg of the ride 
from Boston to the New Hampshire border!

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