Monday, May 6, 2013

Day Tripping!

And the ride continues....only for one day this time!

May 19 at Noon
Beginning at 890 Commonwealth Ave in Boston

This photo was taken in September 2012 in Cambridge, MA as we
finished up last fall's ride from Trenton, NJ to Boston, MA!

Glenn is attending a conference on Martha's Vineyard next week and,
of course, that was just too close to Boston to not do another leg of the ride.
There will be two "firsts" on this trip.   It will be the first time that we will fly
to our destination instead of driving our trusty support vehicle!  Also, this will be
the first rental bike that Glenn will use since it is more economical to rent for one
day then to check his bike as baggage on the plane.   We'll see how all of that works out.

We will start in Boston on Sunday, May 19 and Glenn will head up the 
East Coast Greenway to Newburyport, MA and the New Hampshire border.

This will be a little tease for the big finale in August when Glenn will
ride from the MA/NH border to Canada at the Maine border!  
Watch for posts next week!

As always, your donations are appreciated but feel free to save up
for the big push in August.  It is our hope that we will surpass all previous
fund raising efforts with the culmination of Uncle Glenn's East Coast Greenway
Ride in August.    The next goal for I Care I Cure I Cycle is a West Coast ride
from Seattle to San Francisco in 2014!   Will keep you posted!

Thanks for your continued support!

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We'll be posting updates from Massachusetts!

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