Monday, May 20, 2013

"New" Bike, "New" Support Vehicle, New Hampshire!

We departed Atlanta on Thursday AM for Glenn's conference on
Martha's Vineyard but the real adventure began as we headed
 for Boston to begin this short leg of the ride!

Departing Martha's Vineyard by Ferry on Saturday afternoon

Windy Day on the Ferry

Since the bike shop where Glenn had reserved his rental bike
didn't open until Noon on Sunday, we decided to stay on Cape Cod
Saturday night in the town of Hyannis.

A #1 Inn in Hyannis!  Great location and nice hosts!
It had everything we WiFi, free parking and free breakfast!

This is the "New" Rented Support Vehicle.  Similar to ours but we
were missing our I Care I Cure I Cycle sign on the rear window!

We departed from Hyannis on Sunday morning and headed to Boston to 
pick up Glenn's rental bike.   We had no idea that we were headed to a
bike shop that was directly across the street from Boston University on
graduation day!    Mobs of students and families were everywhere, roads
were closed and we were right in the middle of it all!

Busy corner on Sunday morning!

Glenn's "New" rental bike turned out to be an even better bike than
his own.....hopefully, he will not feel like he has to upgrade after
using this carbon bike for this one day ride!

This was the price tag on the rental bike!   I asked if we needed
to take out insurance on it!   Needless to say, it did not stay in the
car Sunday night.   It had a comfy corner of our room at the Inn.

Glenn departed from Commonwealth Ave in Boston at noon 
on Sunday heading to Newburyport, MA which was to be a short 
45 mile ride for the day.  went straight up on the highway as he 
meandered through the countryside and I explored this lovely, quaint 
New England town while waiting for him to arrive.

Our "HOME" in Newburyport, The Compass Rose Inn.
Thanks to Gloria, the Inn Keeper, for a wonderful stay in this beautiful Inn.  

At 3:20 PM, Glenn pedaled into the Inn in Newburyport but it was a short stop!
It was early, he wasn't tired and he was just itching to get to New Hampshire.  
Off he went to log a few more miles!

Glenn added a new state to the long list
on this ride, New Hampshire!
He took this photo from the seat of his bike!

The New Hampshire Coast as I drove with a college friend to
find Glenn to bring him back to the Inn in Newburyport!
Beautiful scenery and very different from the Jersey Shore I know and love!

The rocky coast just north of N. Hampton, NH

We finally found Glenn near the entrance to Odiorne State Park north of
Rye, NH.   He rode 68 miles and was relieved that the predicted
rain never found him!  I was lucky that I found him!

Oops...what happened to the front wheel of that pricey bike?
No worries, it is safely packed in the car.  No flat tires and no falls today!

We were so happy that our college friend, Deb Bulkley, drove from her home
in New Hampshire to spent the evening with us in Newburyport.  Her husband, Craig,
is planning to join Glenn for the next segment of the ride in New Hampshire in August!

This was a leg of minor technical difficulties.  I couldn't do the blog on my
Ipad and Glenn accidentally erased the data from his bike stats for this ride except for the mileage  - 68 miles!  

Mark your calendars for the final leg of
Uncle Glenn's ride up the East Coast Greenway!
It will be the exciting conclusion of this adventure.
We take off on August 5 and our family will join us
on August 10.  We'll all ride across the border into
Canada on August 12, our 40th wedding anniversary. 
  He will join the elite group of riders called 
"End to Enders" having ridden from 
Key West, FL to Calais, Maine!
It will be an exciting end to this excellent adventure!

As we near the 7th anniversary of our nephew Ian's death,
it is important to remind everyone what motivated us to
begin I Care I Cure I Cycle and why we are so appreciative
of your continued support!

The I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation, founded by Lynn's sister, Beth, and her husband, Brad, supports the development of, and raises public awareness about, cutting-edge, targeted therapies for childhood cancer, so that the treatment of childhood cancer will be gentler and more tolerable.  This is a cause that is very close to our hearts.

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