Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"FUN"raiser Send-off Party Success!

Tonight's "Fun"raiser at Sweet Tomatoes was a great success.
I don't know exact guest numbers or the amount raised but it 
was a wonderful evening filled with our special family, great 
friends and a terrific I Care I Cure Club from Dunwoody High School!  
Thanks to all who came and to those who sent their good wishes!

It is hard to believe that the time has come to
pack up and head out to Phoenix.  The year of planning
has flown by and we are almost ready to hit the road.
The bike is being packed as I write this!

The next blog post will be on Sunday night, 
October 30.  This will be a challenging ride with long days
for Glenn on the bike, desolate landscape, spotty
cell service, limited gas stations, "interesting" places 
to stay and lots of time to think!  I hope to
find things to entertain you each night in the blog.
You can be sure we'll have trivia and stats!
Thanks for your support and for coming along
on this journey with us!

Enjoy these photos of tonight's festivities!
Sorry we didn't catch all of the guests in photos

Sara, Miles, Fletcher, Neil and Seth

Biker Glenn and Oliver

Dan Rabin and family!

Mindy and Terry

Pa and Miles

Margery and Tom

Uncle Neil and Oliver

Alyse, Karen, Glenn, Wendy and Alex

Adriana and Miles

Cookie and Ted

Dunwoody Club members

Dunwoody HS,  Jenna and Jack

Dunwoody HS friends

Dunwoody HS Gabby and her family

Presentation of a beautiful handmade card from the
Dunwoody Club

Seth, Sara and the boys

Sue, Rachael and Jack

OVM ladies

Sue and John

Glenn, John and Widget

As always, Ian is our inspiration for this journey.  If you believe that
children should have more humane and gentler treatments for 
cancer, donating here can send the word and the $$$ to researchers
who are working on targeted therapies for childhood cancer.

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