Thursday, December 29, 2016

Better Late Than Never!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 
We hope that this quick note finds
you well and enjoying time with
family and friends! Thanks so much
for your support in 2016!

I mentioned several times that Phlash Phelps from
Sirius/XM 60's on 6 interviewed me on air but I missed it! 
He was finally able to convert it to an MP3 form that
could be sent to me.  This was recorded on Tuesday,
November 8 and broadcast on Wednesday, November 9.
It's edited so not all of my details made the cut but
we so appreciated his support and interest throughout
the ride!    #Is that really how I sound?!?!

Here it is:

We are hoping that Phlash will help us get the word out again 
next year when we do the final leg to complete Glenn's ride 
around the entire perimeter of the USA!

We've made our flight reservations for the 2017 10th anniversary
I Care I Cure I Run event.   We'd love to have you join us!

Team We Are Family is looking for fun loving,
spirited members for this year's event.
Running or walking experience not necessary!
Contact me for more details if you'll be
in South Florida on Sunday, February 12!

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