Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Not Quite The End Of The Road!

This may be the end of this leg of this ride
but it is not quite the end of the road
for I Care I Cure I Cycle!
More details later in the blog!

We just have a few more New Orleans photos
to share before moving on!

No stop in New Orleans is complete without
beignets at Cafe du Monde!  No crowd this
chilly early morning. That's a first!

The wind was whipping through the French Quarter,
Glenn's estimate was 15 MPH :)

A  visit to the Mighty Mississippi River 
was a necessity.  We started at this point last
year when we headed East to the Atlantic Ocean
and we end here this year!

You know that I have been totally honest here about
the challenges of this ride.  From 8 flat tires, to difficult
terrain, to sketchy towns and accommodations, to
desolate countryside.   There were times when Glenn's
head was giving up even though his legs were not 
giving out but we kept going!   I knew that we would
both regret giving up....so we took it one day at a time
and were triumphant and are glad that we persevered.

One of the things that kept us going along this route
was the opportunity to visit with dear old friends
(not age but length of friendship)!  Laurie Johnson Myer
wins the prize in this category since she and I were
childhood friends in Lakewood, New Jersey,  She
lives in Lotte,  Alabama and rode a segment of the ride
with Glenn last year and met us for lunch on our way 
home to Atlanta this year!  Thanks, Laurie!

The Rockin' Rider!

Thanks so much to those of you who
shared your bike signs with us! 

Honorable Mentions Go To:

Marc Chester for this one taken on
his bike at the Jersey Shore!

Fred Salmons for this sign that 
could not have been more perfect for
moments we had on this ride!

To Sam Thurston for this great
sign in Asheville, NC

The Winner has to be Fredi Pearlmutter, 
who has been sending me bike signs from
Australia and New Zealand for the last
few weeks.  All the signs below are from her.
 Fredi, your tee shirt will be waiting for you at home!

We just booked our flights to be at the 
10th Annual I Care I Cure I Run 5K and Family Fun Day!

Why not join us?!?!
We'll be Team We Are Family!

Sunday, February 12, 2017
8:00 AM start
At Nova Southeastern University
Davie, Florida

 Just in case you think that bicycles are only
Glenn's focus when we are on the rides, I thought 
I would share some of the art work that graces
our office at home.  It is amazing how many
websites exist just to please the bicyclist!

Thanks to all who have contributed to
this amazing collection!

Now back to our reentry into life 
off the road and in Atlanta!  Above,
the sun sets on our way home from
New Orleans, the bike resting from 
the long journey while Glenn drove
since I had done my share of driving
more than 1500 miles in 3 weeks.

This beautiful sunrise greeted us on our first 
morning waking up in our own bed!   

First thing on the agenda the first day home was 
to clean up the bike....and the car! Both had layers 
of dust and dirt which took elbow grease to remove!

This was Sunday morning....

Now the trusty bike gets a rest as Glenn 
had decided to take a few days off.  

That didn't last too long.
He was back on the bike on Wednesday to ride to work!

Just a quick update on the condition of the
SAG vehicle....After the local Buick dealer
service staff had the car for a week, it seems
that all of the little annoying problems have been
fixed!   It will live to SAG another day!

We hope that you enjoyed a wonderful 
Thanksgiving with family and friends!
You can see above that we had a special
family day after our long journey!

We are so very grateful for all of your donations,
support and encouragement!  We are pleased
to announce that the total raised for I Care I Cure
as of today is $8800.  If you would still like to
make a donation, we would be thrilled to add to this
total and continue to strive toward our $10,000 goal.
We hope to help make it possible for any child who
suffers from cancer to have treatment that is less
toxic, gentler and more humane!

Our next route!

It is amazing that we are ready to talk about the next ride,
possibly our last.   It seems that the weather in the 
desert and the availability of our family might dictate the 
time frame.  We will keep you posted but it seems 
most likely that we will plan for the end of December 2017.
The ride will begin in Phoenix, head to San Diego and 
finish up at the Santa Monica Pier, a 500 mile ride.  This will 
complete Glenn's bicycle journey around the entire 
perimeter of the USA, more than 10,000 miles.  
Hoping for a big celebration at the end!  
You will hear from us occasionally through 
the year with news and updates but for now....


  1. Let's see if I can post a comment without changing my password for the 15 th time! Congrats to both of you and looking forward to your last segment next year��������

    1. It's here! Thanks for your great support! We hope you'll be at the finish next year!

  2. What a wonderful journey you two have taken us on! I look forward to celebrating vicariously with you both next year!


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