Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beaufort - Bike Friendly!?!

We might be staying at the friendliest motel in town for bikers......only all of the other "bikes" are the motor variety!   There must be 20 of them parked right outside our door!   We thought we heard a train going by but soon realized that it was just someone revving the engine of a big bike!

We are in for the night but had a great dinner and experienced a Beaufort Sunset.  It is chilly tonight but we warmed up by the fire outside the restaurant!

Alley leading to our restaurant and the River Park

Sunset in Beaufort

Chilly Evening
                        Glenn is notorious for turning the clocks forward or back much too early in the evening
                          for Daylight Savings time.   He was very excited to find that the town of Beaufort
                        does the same thing!   It was 7:16 PM and the big clock downtown had already been
                         set back an hour!    Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour before heading to bed!

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