Sunday, November 7, 2010

Charleston or Bust!

Departing view of Beaufort

It was a chilly morning and Glenn got an earlier start thanks to the time change!  It was bright and sunny by 8 AM when he departed Beaufort for Charleston.   After having a flat tire yesterday, Glenn checked out the tire before leaving this AM.

Today's journey was 78 miles from downtown Beaufort to Charleston.   I caught up to Glenn about 22 miles outside of Charleston and he hopped into the car to sit and eat his lunch, the usual PB & J, fruit and trail mix.  Our next meeting point was The Battery in Charleston.  It was a gorgeous day to sit and enjoy the view and the weather!

Glenn decided that he had a few more miles in him so he headed out of downtown Charleston to cross the Ravanel Bridge.  I picked Glenn and his bike up on the far side of the bridge to complete this adventure.

This is the only photo that Glenn took on the ride.
The Ravanel Bridge from the seat of his bike on his cell phone!

Our accommodations for tonight are the best of the trip.  Our friends, Bill and Barbara Green live near Charleston on Daniel Island.   Bill is out of town but Barbara is a great hostess, as always! 

***The final tally of miles and dollars***
244 miles =  $1220 donation to I Care I Care

The next leg will begin at the Ravanel Bridge and head north to North be continued in 2011!

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