Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another year, Another state!

We're back on the road again!   Glenn has decided to continue working toward his goal of riding the entire East Coast Greenway which stretches from Key West, Florida to the Maine-Canada border.   As you might know, we began this trek last November when Glenn rode his bicycle from Key West, Florida to the Florida-Georgia border in a week.   Tomorrow he will begin at the point at which we ended last year and pedal up the Georgia Coast into South Carolina.  Not exactly sure where we will be when we have to head home on Monday.

When I mentioned to Glenn that I wasn't exactly thrilled about being his pack mule again, he suggested that I continue the blog to pass the time.....hence this new update.   Although we are not soliciting for donations this year, I have pledged to donate $5.00 for each mile that Glenn rides to I Care I Cure and Glenn will wear his I Care I Cure I Cycle Shirt whenever he can to continue to spread the word about a cause dear to our hearts!

I will post photos and updates as we make our way up the coast this weekend!  For those of you who didn't follow our adventure last year, you can catch up by scrolling down this blog to the very end and reading up to this post!

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