Sunday, April 29, 2012

A "Monumental" Day!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so today's blog story
is told mostly in the many photos that were taken on Day 3

Today's ride started right behind our hotel in Alexandria, VA on the Mount Vernon Bike Trail. 
Joining Glenn for the first 10 miles was BJ Shannon, a classmate of Jill's from Pope HS and 
Tulane University.  BJ lives in the DC area and is an avid biker.  They had a great time 
pedaling through DC together and Glenn enjoyed having someone with knowledge 
of the area to guide him so he didn't have to rely on cue sheets.  
Thanks, BJ!

A sign marking the Mount Vernon Bike Trail

You can see our hotel to the left and a sign for the bike shop
right down the street...came in handy for purchasing new
tubes for Glenn's bike!  Nice owner!

BJ and Glenn at the Lincoln Memorial.  I had to meet them there to
capture the moment since this was the site of the final stop on Glenn's cross
country bike ride in 2000.  So much has happened in our lives since then!

August 5, 2000 - The Lincoln Memorial
The final destination of Glenn's Big Ride Across America
benefiting the American Lung Association.
49 days from Seattle to DC
Glenn's 50th birthday gift to himself!
Pictured are Jill, Me, Glenn, Glenn's Dad and Seth

Do you think that taking photos from a moving car while driving is
as dangerous as texting while driving?  Couldn't resist! 

This was the start of a "Monumental" Day!

Another drive-by shooting of the Jefferson Memorial!

The view from Glenn's bicycle seat!

Can't beat the scenery in DC!
Glenn zipped past the Capital 

Finally he sees a sign for the East Coast Greenway!
Reassurance for Glenn that he is on the right route!

Glenn's second riding buddy for the day was Feivel Cohen, 15.
He is our cousin Jeffrey's son and he has been hoping to do this
ride with Glenn since hearing about it a year or two ago. He rode 29 miles
with Glenn and has pledges for donations from friends and family for
I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation!   Great job, Feivel!

The Nagiels have been anxiously awaiting Glenn's ride through Maryland
so that they could participate.  Evan LOVED having a shirt that matched his Pa's!

Evan,3, and his buddy,Pa, meet up in Bowie, MD!

Benji and family joined Glenn on the Annapolis Bike Trail.
What a great way to end this incredible day!
Benji will be 6 on Wednesday!

Pa and the boys loved this adventure!

Shahak's sister, Nivi, donned her new logo shirt to
cheer Glenn on at the Annapolis Bike Trail.

We remembered a Gelato place right on the bike trail from
the month in 2006 that we stayed in Annapolis.  It is still
there....Glenn and Benji shared a dish of
peanut butter - nutella!

Glenn was THRILLED to have this group on the trail with him today!
Evan, Glenn, Jill, Benji and Shahak in Annapolis!

Glenn models his new shirt.
He didn't seem to mind the wording :)

The stats for today are great but the fun that Glenn had far surpassed the
experiences on any other day.  The weather was perfect and the company was 
great!   Today Glenn logged 73.87 miles in 6 hours and 21 minutes plus time 
for socializing.  He climbed 3373 feet and burned 3776 calories.

Tomorrow will be a reverse ride....Jill will drive Glenn up to Havre de Grace, MD and he will ride south
to Baltimore-Washington Airport for pick-up there....So tune in for Part 4 of the ride tomorrow!

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