Friday, April 27, 2012

On The Road Again!

We began our journey yesterday battling Atlanta rush hour traffic to head north on Rte. 85 
to Huntersville, NC to spend the night with my sister, Laurie, brother-in-law Jim and 
nephew, Kevin.  We were up and out early to drive to Dewitt, VA to find the spot where
we completed our fall 2011 ride.  The sun was shining this time through that area.

We all show off our new logo shirts as we depart from
Huntersville. With us is brother-in-law, Jim, who promises to
train to join Glenn on the next big ride on the West Coast :)

Can you detect that "Here we go again" look on my face?

We found the exact spot on Rte. 1 in Dewitt, VA
where I picked Glenn up at the end of the
Fall 2011 ride.  No rain today!

Farmland in Dewitt, VA....Rolling Hills.

And he is off!   Today's ride started at 11:45 AM
after a four hour car ride to reach this spot.

Glenn, the history buff, took this one.   First trivia question.....
Who is this?   Hint: He is in a square in Richmond.

The end point of today's ride in the center
of downtown Ashland, VA

Felt like we were back in the Florida Keys tonight!
Glenn was wondering how far it is from Islamorada in the
Keys to this Islamorada Restaurant in Ashland, VA.
Who wants to venture a guess or just google it?

Today's ride began in Dewitt, VA and ended in Ashland, VA.
The 73.73 mile trek took 5 hours and 14 minutes and Glenn climbed
2904 feet....not steep hills but rolling. The weather was good and Glenn felt that it was
a fairly easy ride especially since he hasn't trained with any long rides lately.  
Tomorrow may be a more challenging day as he rides through
Fredericksburg, VA to the Alexandria area.  Looking forward to meeting up with
Jill, Shahak, his Mom and Sister and Benji and Evan for a nice dinner there.

One source of conflict that Glenn and I have when traveling is his dislike for stopping to ask for
directions when we are lost.   The GPS helps enormously now but I think he has finally
learned that it can save time and miles if he stops to ask for directions when he gets lost on
this bike ride.   He did it FOUR times today!  People were very nice and helpful!

Thanks so much for your interest and support!
More tomorrow!

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