Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Many Historic Markers, So Little Time!

Part 1 of Day 2
Who knew that Applebee's has WiFi!?  I am writing the first part of today's post 
while eating lunch in Fredericksburg, VA. It has been a crazy 
day already and there are many miles to go.   

Glenn called me before I left the hotel in Ashland to say that he had a flat tire and had fixed it but
realized that he didn't have his two extra tubes in case it should happen again so we planned
to meet at the Amtrak Station in Fredericksburg.   I arrived, texted him twice, called him twice and waited.
After 30 minutes with no response, I was ready to head to the police station sure that something had
happened to him on the road.  FINALLY, he called and was fine.....he had his phone on vibrate and
was traveling on a bumpy road!   For sure, he will have the volume turned all the way up from now on!

When Glenn and I caught up in Fredericksburg he related a few things.  He found many cyclists on the
road today and one of them he thought he knew.   There was a man from Richmond on his cross country ride in 2000 and Glenn suspects this was him but didn't stop him to be sure....You know I would have!
It has to be driving Glenn crazy to be in such an historical area just chocked full of markers and sites and
to have such a limited amount of time to stop and read!   One sign said that the area was the
 "Bread Basket of the Confederacy" - growing most of the food to feed the Confederate forces.  

Temps in the 40's this AM....Glenn is his layered look!

This is Glenn's bike computer which provides
all of the stats that I share each day.

Historic Train Station in Fredericksburg, VA
now the home to AMTRAK!

Glenn is decked out in his rain gear....just in case.
Never knew he had these little shoe covers!

Being prepared rain!

Part 2 of Day 2
Glenn WALKED into the hotel in Old Town, Alexandria at 5:30 PM - 91/2 hours after leaving Ashland although his computer says he was riding only 7:06.....somehow 2 1/2 hours were lost in the calulation! Maybe it was some of those hictoric markers :) He experienced another flat tire just a few blocks from the hotel so he decided to wait to change it in the AM.  I bought him 4 new tubes for his tires this afternoon so he is good to go for the next few segments.  He almost completed a century today - 98 miles, burning 4881 calories and ascending 5230 feet.

A little footnote about Alexandria, VA - I was born in NJ but lived the first
two years of my life in Alexandria in the Shirley Duke Apartments while my
father served in the US Air Force.  I guess I always had some southern roots!

Dvorah and Nivi, Shahak's Mom and Sister, join Shahak,
Benji, Jill, Me, Evan and Glenn for a reunion dinner in
honor of Nivi and Benji's birthdays and Glenn's ride!

Part 3 of Day 2
Glenn was rewarded for his long, grueling day with a great meal -carbs, of course - and time
with family.  Our daughter, Jill, and her family came to Alexandria from Ellicott City, MD to meet us 
for a celebratory dinner.   Amazingly, the rain held off until Glenn reached the hotel but has been
coming down since. Let it rain all night as long as it clears by 8 AM.  The forecast looks good.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day.  For the first time on this ride from Key West, Glenn may have company
for some of the route.  We'll fill you in with names and photos tomorrow.  The ride will begin right behind our hotel on the Mount Vernon Bike Trail and will take in some of the DC landmarks and Annapolis before ending at BWI airport near Baltimore, another 80+ mile day.  We'll enjoy some time with Jill, Shahak, Benji and Evan with bike rides just on Monday, Saturday and Sunday next week.   A little breather for Glenn!

I know you are very curious about the trivia question I posed yesterday.  The statue is General Robert E. Lee.  Jim Beaty does a cycling shirt sound as your prize?  An honorable mention goes to Faye Canape who will get the new logo shirt for her efforts!  

Tonight's many miles has Glenn traveled since we left Key West.
Hint:  Check the blog from Fall 2011!

Thanks so very much to those of you who have made donations to
I Care I Cure in honor of Uncle Glenn's Ride!
We are so pleased to be able to support this foundation that means so much to our family.

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