Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back to the Birthplace!

We were back on the road again today...with some helpers and
cheerleaders!  We are so happy to have the Benji and Evan for a few days
while Jill and Shahak are away. The boys and I dropped Glenn off in Perryville, MD 
which is right across the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge from 
Havre de Grace, MD.  We got a late start after watching Benji play soccer 
this AM so it was 12:30 by the time Glenn started his ride to Wilmington, DE.  
We were excited to have family to visit while here.  The boys and I spent time 
this afternoon hanging out with Cousins Beth, Chris, Maddie and Benjamin Osbourn and 
Heather, Brian, Noah and Joshua Gibbons.  We all greeted Glenn for a 
family celebratory pizza dinner.  We were so happy to see everyone and
enjoyed having a big cheering section for Biker Glenn's return to his
birthplace!   I think riding into Wilmington had special meaning to Glenn and he
took a short detour to pass the house on Van Buren Street that his
grandmother lived in for many years and the restaurant that his Aunt and Uncle owned.  
Things looked different but he enjoyed pedaling down memory lane.  

Benji and Evan are very intrigued by Glenn's little bike pedals
and his clip-on shoes as Glenn prepares to take off on today's ride

On to Wilmington, Glenn's birthplace
and his home for four years.

Where is the line on this sign that says
Biker Glenn's Birthplace?

Benji and Evan create great greeting signs for Pa!

Maddie shared all of her art supplies with us to make our signs!

Noah, Benji, Maddie and Benjamin practicing for Glenn's arrival!

Maddie and Ben were great cheerleaders!

Benji's masterpiece was made with TLC!

Love the bike in Benji's creation!

Evan is the cutest sandwich sign holder ever!

Glenn rode in to the Pizza Grotto at about 6 PM!

My apologies for this abbreviated video...still trying to figure out a new camera :)

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel and put two very tired
helpers to one tired Pa!    Tomorrow will be an earlier day.
Trenton will be our last stop on this leg of the ride.  Today we are in Glenn's
birth state and tomorrow we will be in mine.  Only fair!

Glenn had his bike computer today so we have some stats.  He rode
59.12 miles in 4 hours and 17 minutes of riding time and only worked off 3004
calories today.   For Glenn, this was an easy day.  

We have exceeded $600 in donations for this ride so far....thanks so
much to our loyal supporters!   Your dollars do so much to help fund
the research for gentler and more humane treatment for childhood cancers.

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