Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eight States Down, Seven to Go!

We enjoyed our stay in Wilmington but it was time to move on to
Trenton, New Jersey the last leg of this segment of the ride.
Glenn headed out at about 8:15 and the boys and I
followed later in the morning.  Glenn said that much of the
route was easy and uneventful but he did manage to find
himself on Interstate 76 near Philly.  That is BAD and illegal so he
found the next exit and headed off at Broad Street.  Not a good idea
on the Sunday that The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is
happening :)    Glenn headed over a few blocks and avoided the
40,000 runners who crowded the streets!

We returned to our routine of the "Three Frees" when choosing hotels:
Free Parking, Free Internet and Free BREAKFAST!
Benji and Evan both enjoyed the "make your own waffle" station!

Evan wondered where his bike was this AM.....he really wanted to ride
with Pa today like he did last Sunday.   Glenn promised him a ride at home tomorrow.

Evan walking with Pa as he leaves for his ride from
Wilmington, DE to Trenton, NJ

We felt like we were coming home again when entering PA.
We both went to college there, lived in Central PA for 15 years and
all three of our children were born while we were living there.
This is also where Glenn started his serious biking.  So many great memories!
Pennsylvania is also the first state that Glenn finished in one day on this ride.

Glenn captured this photo of Trenton, NJ as he crossed
the Delaware River on the Calhoun Street Bridge. 

Welcome to New Jersey!
 Trenton Makes, The World Takes!

This Jersey girl was longing for the beach.
Maybe next time!

Another Amtrak Station....didn't need it as a meeting point today!

New Jersey State Capital ....It occurred to us that this was a leg filled with capital cities -
Richmond, Annapolis, DC, and Trenton!  So much history in all of those places. 

The boys and I met my Stepmother Fredi, my Dad and cousins Faye and
Gerald Canape at the Marriott in Trenton for lunch while waiting
for Glenn to ride in.  He rode in at 2 PM after taking the "scenic" route

through Trenton. Apparently his GPS was not familiar with this city:)
 We all greeted Glenn and had this photo op.

A snack stop in Philadelphia on our way back to Maryland car!
A photo of me just to prove that I really was on this trip.

Glenn recoups some calories lost today with this chocolate peanut butter
sundae at Max Brenner, a Chocolate Lover's Heaven in Philly.

Joining us for a special treat in Philly were the Bernsteins!
Sharon - Glenn's sister, Joe - Glenn's brother-in-law and
Melissa, our niece.  More great family time!

We knew we were in the Northeast today - Lilacs everywhere!
This is the one flowering plant that I miss in GA!
Glenn also commented on the fact that this is the first
leg that found us north of the Mason-Dixon Line!

Today Glenn rode 64.67 miles in 4 hours and 42 minutes and burned
3283 calories and, although the terrain was very flat, he did ascend 1770 feet.
This was a different weekend for us on this ride.  We hope that sharing the
experience with Benji and Evan helped them to understand what their Pa
is doing....and they provided me with company and entertainment during 

biking hours.  Evan has promised to ride with his "Buddy" someday!

This is for a t-shirt!!!!

What is the total number of miles that Glenn has
ridden on the entire ride from Key West to Trenton, NJ.
Hint: Glenn's total before this Spring ride was 1355 miles!

Look for a final blog sometime in the next few days.
Thanks for sharing this experience with us and for
supporting I Care I Cure!

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