Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had a nice celebratory dinner last night in Amelia Island.  The waitress asked what the occasion was and we told her about the bike ride.  When the bill arrived, 10% had been deducted as a celebration discount!   We thanked her and told her that we would donate that amount to I Care I Cure in her name and we did!  There are kind and generous people everywhere! 

With the bike ride completed, Glenn finally had some time to walk on the beach with me this AM.  We have to thank Jan Barry, the owner of the condo we rented in Amelia Island.   Not only did she let us rent her beautiful place on such short notice, she also made a donation to I Care I Cure I Cycle after reading the blog and she won the t-shirt with the correct guess of Glenn's mileage.  If you are considering a visit to Amelia Island, perhaps you will want to rent Jan's great 2 BR condo right on the beach. Check it out at . Tell her we sent you!

The second t-shirt goes to Abe Gindoff, the dad of my best friend from Lakewood, NJ, and my second dad all through 5th to 12th grades!    Thanks to him for following the blog and sharing it with Glenn's Dad, the only person we know without a computer!

The t-shirts will be on the way to Jan and Abe on Monday!   If anyone else would like one, let me know your size and I will place another order if there is interest.  They are $12 each.

After traveling 2220 miles by car and 569.65 miles by bike we arrived home to Vinings at 6 PM tonight.  To occupy some of our time in the car today, we came up with the following list....we might not be David Letterman but we tried!

10 Great Reasons to Ride Your Bike 569.65 miles from Key West, Florida to the Georgia border:

#10.........Better than working!
#  9.........A good way to travel north in Florida without having to pay all of the tolls on the Florida Turnpike!
#  8.........Proving to yourself (and others) that your body can do it!
#  7.........No need to pack much clothing because all you have time to wear is biking attire!
#  6.........Eating whatever you want because you know that you will burn off those calories daily!
#  5.........Great cure for insomnia by getting so exhausted each day that you can sleep anywhere at night!
#  4.........An opportunity to discover new talents like blogging!
#  3.........Another way to enjoy the Florida Sunshine other than beaching it or golfing!
#  2.........The chance to spend quality time with your spouse!
#  1.........Great thing to do for a worthwhile cause like I Care I Cure!

Hanging up the bike for now!  It deserves a rest as does it's rider!

It is hard to believe that this adventure, that has been in the planning stages for so long, is done!  With your help we have raised $6233 so far for I Care I Cure.   We very much appreciate your donations, your support and your interest in our week.  We loved all of your emails and blog comments.  Thanks for everything!     This is the last planned blog entry but I will keep it online for a while in case you want to check back or pass it on.   If anything of importance comes up, I will email you to let you know that there is a new posting.   It is bittersweet to sign off has been fun!     Happy trails to you until we meet again!

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