Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're off again!

Those of you who know Glenn well are aware that he is tenacious when he has a goal in mind.   Two years ago, he decided that he wanted to ride his bicycle on the East Coast Greenway from Key West, Florida to the Maine-Canada border.  The first year he traveled from Key West to the Florida-Georgia border.   He began at that point last year and pedaled to Charleston, South Carolina.

We will begin our journey this Sunday, October 23 in Charleston, SC and Glenn hopes to ride to the North Carolina-Virginia border or somewhere near that point by Saturday, October 29!  As always, I will be his official "shlepper" and blogger.

We're not asking for any donations for this trek but Glenn will ride for I Care I Cure in memory of our nephew, Ian.   I am pledging $5 per mile to Glenn for his efforts and we'll try to become sponsors with this donation for the I Care I Cure I Run event in Florida on February 12.  We'll be in touch for donations from you all at that time!

Save this blog address and follow us as we head north next week!   I promise photos and entertaining statistics!  If you want to catch up or refresh your memory, you can scroll down to the bottom and see all the blog posts from the past two years!

Thanks for your moral support and good wishes!

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