Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall....The Season Not a Bicycle Accident!

Cool, Crisp Morning in Connecticut

Heading out on this chilly, foggy morning.
Frima and Glenn get in the spirit of the ride
with their I Care I Cure I Cycle shirts
while Bert wears his Georgia shirt!

I sometimes mention the "Cue Sheets" that Glenn follows on the ride.
Here is an example.  He downloads and prints them from the
East Coast Greenway site and uses them as guides each day.

Heading out of Willimantic, CT at 9:15 AM with temps in
the upper 40's!   Before leaving, Glenn had to fix the clips on his
shoes and pump up his tires.  Lots to do each morning before
getting on the road.  Off to Providence!

From the seat of Glenn's bike
Frog Bridge in Willimantic, CT
"Why frogs, you ask? (And why wouldn’t you?)
Well, rather than the birthplace of Kermit or an area with a high French population, Willimantic is known as being home of the infamous “Battle of the Frogs” in 1754. To paraphrase the legend: One hot summer night, the good people of Windham (which Willimantic is now part of) were roused from their sleep by “a shrieking, clattering thunderous roar” unlike anything they had ever heard before. Fearing that it was either an Indian attack or Judgement Day, the townsfolk freaked out and began to panic — some ran through the streets brandishing muskets, others fell to their knees in frantic prayer. Some cooler heads finally prevailed and went in search of the ungodly noises, but to no avail. Only the next morning when the sun came up, did they find the source of the horrendous cacaphony — a nearby pond, down to no more than a puddle thanks to the dry summer, was ringed with scores of dead bullfrogs. Apparently, some sort of frog turf war had broken out and the carnage was excessive . . . but not as excessive as the embarrassment the citizens of Windham were to endure over the next few decades.  But as the years passed, the denizens of Windham/Willimantic embraced the frog legend — a frog now appears on the official town seal. So when it came time to build the new bridge, the town leaders decided to get hoppy with it and put the town’s unique stamp on it. Hence, the frogs."    From Internet after googling Frog Bridge :)

 Connecticut on the East Coast Greenway.
One minute there was a trail, the next was this scenic Dead End!

Same body of water from the other side of the bridge

Welcome to state # 12!   
This might be my favorite state....I do LOVE the Ocean!

Glenn improvised much of today's ride with the use of his GPS on his
telephone.  He enjoyed pedaling through the rural areas in CT and RI 
passing rivers and lakes with some autumn colors on the trees.  The area
was not as hilly as he expected and he was able to ride a bit faster today.

He covered 69.51 miles in 5 hours and 1 minute of actual riding time.
He won't be able to chow down quite as much tonight since he only
used up 3466 calories today.  The elevation gain today was 3346.
I was happy to see him ride in to our hotel in downtown
Providence at 4 PM, the earliest day so far!

This must be the right way!
There is an East Coast Greenway sign....
small but it is there!

When Glenn and I began this journey, we reached out to the East Coast Greenway 
office for advice and support.  Our contact there happens to live in Providence so we 
just had to try to see him.  Eric Weis, the Trail Program Coordinator, came to 
the hotel to meet us and hopes to ride with Glenn in the morning as he heads out of Providence.

Lynn,  Eric's daughter Violet, Eric and Glenn

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family as we
continue this journey.  Each day we receive a note from the I Care I Cure
office about a donation made in honor of Uncle Glenn's ride.  I'll
try to provide a total by Monday to let you know our total to date for 2012.
If your life has been touched by someone with childhood cancer and
you want to help I Care I Cure fund research to find targeted
therapies that would provide gentler and less toxic treatments,
just click here and donate in honor of Uncle Glenn's ride:

 Tomorrow is the last leg of ride for this year.   
Boston or Bust!

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