Friday, September 21, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait!

Miles to Go Before We Sleep!
One of these days I will learn to just take my time and enjoy the sights rather than 
rushing to the ending place of a route to wait for Glenn.  I guess he just can't travel
as quickly as I do in the car despite his efforts to do so!  I arrived in Willimantic, CT
at 2:15 this afternoon and Glenn rode in at 5:30.  Thank goodness for McDonald's Free WiFi.   

I've been asked recently what Glenn eats along the way while I dine at nice restaurants
with friends :)   Each morning, we pack up 2 or 3 peanut butter and nutella sandwiches,
a few protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit and, today, I added pretzels.  His two water
bottles and his camelback are filled and he is ready to "hit the road" (hopefully, not
literally...although that did happen Wednesday AND yesterday).  

See the abrasions on Glenn's knees as proof.  His knees were the 
only body parts I was allowed to photograph

Those of you who are regular blog followers know our three
rules for choosing hotels but I'll fill in the new folks.  
The hotels should have:
1. Free Parking
2.  Free WiFi
3. Free Breakfast
Our hotel last night was the first on this trip to include all three!

Time to take off!

Great Architecture at Yale

Glenn headed out of our 3 ("free" as one of our grandsons might say) star hotel
in New Haven at 8:30 this morning headed north, then east through the
hilly and less congested countryside of Connecticut.  On the way out of town, 
he pedaled past Yale to find the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail 
which was a really pleasant way to begin the day.  He wishes there were 
more trails like this one on the East Coast Greenway.  As planned, we met
in Farmington just before noon .  We were joined there by an extended family
member, Kathy Beaty Young, my brother-in-law Jim's sister who
lives in Avon, CT.  Thanks to Kathy for her support and for meeting us!

Kathy Young with Glenn on the ECG route in Farmington, CT.

Anyone familiar with this intersection?

A lovely lunch with Kathy on the Farmington River.
Apparently, this river flows northward near this site.

My view at lunch!

After departing Farmington, Glenn forged his own route to Hartford
to save a few miles after his very long, grueling day yesterday.  He
made it easily to the Capital City and even stopped to take a few pix.

Connecticut State Capital in Hartford

Today's Trivia Question
Name this building and win a shirt!

Yesterday's winner was Marcia Mandel and the answer is.....
The George Washington Bridge!

Gas prices going up more as we head north.
Filling up in Willimantic, CT.

After a quick ride through Hartford, Glenn headed east with Willimantic
as the final destination.   After few wrong turns and an escort by a local
rider, he finally pulled into Willimantic at 5:30.  No fall on today's ride :)

Tonight we have the pleasure of staying with old friends from Lakewood
in Marlborough, CT, a short ride from the route.  Bert and Frima Miller  are
gracious hosts and it is great fun to catch up.
Thanks for our wonderful accommodations!

Our hosts, Frima and Bert with Glenn in their
incredible lodge-style home on 20 acres!

Chef Bert created this masterpiece!
A bed of sauteed spinach with garlic topped with
thin potato pancakes with scallions, cajun spiced grilled
swordfish garnished with mango-peach chutney and splattered
with a lemon-garlic aioli.  Who wants the recipes?

Good thing that Glenn expended  4102 calories today!

Other Stats for the Day:
79.18 miles 
6 hrs and 20 minutes of riding time
3355 ft. of elevation.
Glenn will head out in the morning headed for Providence, RI.

 More tomorrow night.....
Enjoy your weekend!

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