Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Boston or Bust!

Taking off from Providence...this is a wonderful
backdrop for the departure photo this morning.

The campuses of Brown University and Rhode Island

School of Design are right up the hill.
Had some rain last night but the sun is shining now!

Providence is a very bike friendly city.  Atlanta could take
some notes on how things are done here!

Glenn checked out the cue sheets for his ride from
Providence to Boston and found that the route was more than
100 miles and northwest to Worcester before heading to
Boston.  He consulted his GPS and google maps and found a more direct route
which avoided Worcester and was about 52 miles...a much better
choice for today.   The weather was beautiful and the ride was uneventful.

Notes from Glenn
There were two vehicles that kept my mind occupied today.  One was a truck that had decals for what I presumed was that fan's favorite teams: San Francisco 49ers, Boston Celtics, NY Mets and the Montreal Canadiens.  I thought that person would be interesting to chat with to get his explanation of how he became attached to teams so geographically spread apart.  The other was a car and I wondered what political statement the driver was trying to make as tied to the roof was a huge stuffed animal dog wearing a T-shirt that said "shame on us."  The quality of the roads was not that good today and I had to focus to avoid another spill and fortunately that did not happen.

T-Shirt Trivia 
Here is the last trivia question for this segment.  Glenn noted that there
seemed to be a Main Street in every town we visited.  Without using the internet for
research.....Is this the most common street name in the nation or is it something else?
By the way, the house that was pictured on the day through Hartford was the home of Mark Twain.
No winner for that question so we have shirts for future winners!

My view of Boston as I drove in from Providence!

Glenn's view of the Charles River as he pedaled into Boston!

Mission Accomplished!
Glenn rode into Cambridge happy to
have completed another leg of the ride!

Our celebratory lunch at Wagamamas in Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Glenn's computer is on his bike in the car tonight so the stats for
today as well as the total mileage for the trip will have to wait
for tomorrow.  Today was an early day so we were able to
make a few stops in Connecticut on our way southward.
Of course, this meant time to visit a few more folks along the way!

 Glenn's parents always instilled in him the importance of family so
we took some time to visit with Jack and Fran Cohen in CT today.
Jack was Glenn's mom's first cousin and always a family favorite!

We credit Facebook and my blog posts there for this reunion with
George and Marsha Carfi, friends from Atlanta who have
moved to CT.  Marsha saw on FB that we were in New England
and George wrote us a message just in time to catch us on
the way back from Boston!  Great to catch up!

Late night here! We'll have one or two more blogs this week to wrap things up!
Thanks for following our journey once again and many thanks
for your kinds words, support and donations.

More tomorrow or Tuesday!

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