Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Best Laid Plans!

On the Road Again! 

Our plan for today was to head from MD to NJ to have lunch with Glenn's Dad,
Sister, Sharon and her family in Manchester, NJ.  After that, Glenn planned to 
do the ride from Trenton, NJ to Princeton, NJ to cut a few miles off tomorrow's
ride to lower Manhattan.   The weather forecast showed strong storms and wind 
starting at noon in NJ so we reversed the plan and began with the 15 mile bike ride
from Trenton to Princeton at 10:30 this AM and headed to see Glenn's Dad after
the ride, a short warm-up ride for Glenn!  Of course, after the change of plans,
the rain and wind never really arrived until this evening!

Drizzly approach to Trenton over the Calhoun Street Bridge

Back to Trenton.....This Jersey Girl heads home to NJ!

Taking off....not the most scenic departure area :)

$383.9 for gas in Princeton, NJ!   Filling a 20 gallon tank hurts!

Holiday meal with Glenn's father, Herbie!
Our niece, Adina, Glenn's sister,Sharon, Glenn,
Herbie, Me, and our niece, Melissa.
Brother-in-law, Joe, was the photographer!

Ivy League Tour
Glenn pointed out that our last trip took us through several
state capitals.  This segment will be our Ivy League Tour.  Today
we passed through Philadelphia, home of Penn.  Tonight we are
in Princeton, NJ home of Princeton University.  On Thursday, he will
pedal near Columbia University in NYC and end his ride in New
Haven, CT home of Yale.  Saturday will bring us to Providence
where we might pass by Brown and Sunday we will be near Cambridge,
home of Harvard!    We are looking forward to seeing some Fall
foliage and (just slightly) rolling hills in New England.
Great PR for I Care I Cure I Cycle in NJ
I couldn't resist the urge to make some contacts in NJ since I am New Jersey born 
and bred and Glenn spend much of his early life there.   We found a newsman in the
Jersey Shore area who was happy to help us spread the word about I Care I Cure
in our old stomping grounds.  Tom Mongelli, the New Jersey Shore News Bureau Chief 
for Town Square Media including WOBM radio interviewed Glenn and did a 
radio spot which is below.  Just click on the video box to listen to it. An article was also
written and appears on the WOBM website.  Thanks to Tom and his staff!
Click on the link below to read the article!


 Friends, Food and Fun

College friends Melinda and Geoff Brown from Allentown, NJ
helped us celebrate the first night of this segment!

Have Shirts Will Travel!  

Here is the map of tomorrow's ride through NJ to lower Manhattan!
More tomorrow night!

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