Saturday, August 3, 2013

All our bags are packed.......

We are all "geared" up for the last segment 
of this ride up the East Coast!  

We are all packed and excited to begin this adventure!

Here is Glenn's bike before the packing began last night.
 I wonder if it will ever look like this again  :)

Here we go.....the dismantling begins.
First use of this bike case which was purchased on Craigslist!

Packing was very puzzle-like.  Good thing Glenn
enjoys puzzles.  The reassembling tomorrow could be interesting!

All packed up and ready to roll!  
The only thing Glenn forgot to enclose was his helmet.
 Would not have been good to forget that important item!

Good thing we each get one free checked bag!

Tomorrow we fly to Portland, Maine, and will
spend the night with friends, Deb and Craig Bulkey in
Derry, NH.   The ride begins on Monday AM!

Get ready for the "Maine Event" of our journey!

Be prepared for trivia questions about
how many days this journey has taken,
the total number of miles traveled and
 how many days of rain Glenn had to endure!
We promise prizes!!!!!

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