Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere!

We have a Trivia Winner!   Congrats to Susie Eisert!
There were several correct answers for the trivia question.
The one that Susie and I found most interesting is that:

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote " Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Brunswick while her
 husband taught at Bowdoin College.  This novel, about slavery, 
inflamed the anti- slavery sentiments of the Civil War.

Abe Gindoff was very close with the second answer 
 to the question about Bowdoin College and how it relates to the Civil War:
Joshua Chamberlain, a brigadier general for the union army who fought
valiantly at Gettysburg, later became the President of Bowdoin College!

Glenn departed Brunswick at 8 AM and tried to take Rte.1,
a shorter route than his GPS indicated.   There was a reason that the GPS 
did not send him that way....he was riding on a road that did not allow
bicycle traffic.   He was soon pulled over by a policeman with
the siren and lights going to warn him about his error!  A four
mile delay didn't put him too far behind in what turned out to be a
92.93 mile leg in 6 and 1/2 hours of riding time.

Today's ride took Glenn through farmlands, near the coast and over challenging
hills, ascending 5727 feet today.  We decided that Glenn should probably
go further than Camden today since the weather was great, Glenn felt
energetic and the threat of rain for tomorrow could slow him down on the next leg.
He rode an extra 25 miles today and has 34 miles to go to reach Ellsworth
which is to be the end of tomorrow's segment.   Even in rain, he should be able to
accomplish that :)   I picked him up in Searsport at 3:30 this 
afternoon and I'll drive him to this new starting point in the morning.

In answer to some questions about Glenn's bike GPS, I took this 
photo this morning after he set it for the next overnight town, Camden.
The computer on the GPS also calculates his mileage, time pedaling,
caloric output and measures his ascent each day.

One of the great parts of doing this trip up the east coast has been
meeting up with friends along the way.  Today I had lunch with
Mirka Zapletal, a dear college friend of our daughter, Jill, and her Mom,
Tertia Cote.  Mirka  had plans to be in Lincoln, NH spending 
some time with her family during the time our journey through Maine
was scheduled to take place so she offered to drive the 2 1/2 hours
each way to meet me for lunch.   We had a wonderful visit!
Thanks for joining me and supporting I Care I Cure I Cycle!

Strolling of the streets on Brunswick, Maine, with Mirka
and Tertia before we went our separate ways today.

Glenn snapped this photo from a bridge near Belfast, ME.
Belfast is located at the mouth of  the Passagassawakeag River
estuary on Penobscot Bay.   Try saying that one three times fast! 

Today was the first day that the scenery included mountains.
This area is home to 800 foot Mt. Battie and 1,380 foot Mt. Megunticook .
The riding was more challenging but the terrain included great
Vistas.   Looking forward to more of this as we head north.

Camden Harbor was our destination for dinner tonight.
Just an easy walk from our motel, Camden's downtown area
has cute shops and a plethera of restaurants, many on the water.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, Biker Glenn
is ready for an evening on the town, an early evening that is.
I think Glenn has been asleep by 9:30 each evening on this trip.
Thank goodness I have the blog to keep me busy!

The population of Camden triples in the summer months thanks
to summer residents and tourists.  

Locals referred to this region of Maine as _________
and how did it get that name?

Another t-shirt on the line....or perhaps some wild blueberry jam!

It is Blueberry season here and everything has blueberries
in it.  I hear we'll have blueberry coffee cake for  breakfast
here tomorrow morning.  I smelled it baking when I checked it.

I was looking back through all of the blog entries this morning and I 
came across this top 10 list that Glenn and I compiled
on the very first leg of this ride in FL in November 2009.
I changed a few words but much of it is still perfect!

10 Great Reasons to Ride Your Bike from New Hampshire to Maine 
at the Canadian border:

#10.........Better than working!
#  9.........A good way to travel north in New England without having to pay all of the tolls on Rte. 95!
#  8.........Proving to yourself (and others) that your body can do it!
#  7.........No need to pack much clothing because all you have time to wear is biking attire!
#  6.........Eating whatever you want because you know that you will burn off those calories daily!
#  5.........Great cure for insomnia by getting so exhausted each day that you can sleep anywhere at night!
#  4.........An opportunity to discover new talents like blogging!
#  3.........Another way to enjoy the Maine sunshine other than sailing or hiking!
#  2.........The chance to spend quality time with your spouse!
#  1.........Great thing to do for a worthwhile cause like I Care I Cure!

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