Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finish....Fini! (Canada is Bilingual!)

We did it!  We traveled....

From Florida

To Maine

It is hard to believe that this journey that we began nearly 4 years ago has come to an end.

As in the past, in November 2009, Glenn decided to get on his bike to pedal for an important 
cause.  Since he first heard about it’s development, his goal had been to ride the full length 
of the East Coast Greenway.  The Greenway runs from Key West, Florida to Calais, Maine, 
approximately 2600 miles.   It seemed that he could combine his desire to do this bicycle ride 
with the worthwhile challenge of raising funds for a cause that is very special to our family.

All packed up and ready to leave our "home away from home" in Bar Harbor

On November 7, 2009, we departed from Key West, Florida and we reached Calais, Maine 
on August 12, 2013.  Yesterday was an exciting day for the whole family.  We departed our
rental house in Bar Harbor, Maine and drove the 2 3/4 hours to the outskirts of  
Calais, Maine caravan style to begin the last five miles of the ride.  

With Glenn and I were our kids and their families:
Jill, Shahak, Benji and Evan
Neil and Jerry
Seth, Sara, Miles and Fletcher

The surprise guests on this last day of the adventure were my sister, 
Laurie Beaty and nephew Sean, and friends, Don and Denise Stillwagon.

All "geared" up and ready to take off to ride the last 5 miles! 

The fun is about to begin! 

Miles, Seth and Jerry prepare to ride off!

Sara with Fletcher, Evan, Miles and Benji.
The cousins are set to cruise!

Sara and Fletcher drove a SAG (support and gear)
vehicle while Seth and Miles hit the road with PA

Jerry, Sean, and Laurie are ready to go while
Neil drove the second SAG vehicle!

Very cool tag-along bike seat for Benji makes 
Shahak's bike a bicycle built for two! 

Glenn has Evan along for company on this ride!
Shahak, Don and Sean are in the background.

And they are off!

Check out Jill's video of the five mile ride!

Waiting for the gang to arrive in downtown Calais
before they headed across the river to Canada!

Welcome to Calais!   Almost done....heading to Canada!

"The Machine" and Seth savor the moment as
they arrive in Calais after the last five miles!

Crossing the border into Canada!

Cousin Cuddles!

Welcome to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada!

The entire family enjoying the moment of arrival to 
Canada before our celebratory lunch!

Long time friends Denise and Don Stillwagon joined us
to finish the journey and helped with photography!

Lunch celebration!

Cheers!   Not only was today the final leg of the ride but
it was our 40th Wedding Anniversary! 
Thanks to Sharon and Joe for helping to make our lunch
at The Bistro on the Boulevard extra special!

The statistics for this entire journey are impressive!
Glenn rode 2538.39 miles over the course of 35 days!
The average number of miles per day was 72.52 miles
with 104.1 miles being the longest ride and the 5 miles 
yesterday was the shortest but most emotional leg!

Just for fun

I started a collection of interesting crossing signs:

Horse Crossing

Deer Crossing

"Dear" Crossing

Self Explanatory

Turtle and Duck Crossing?

And, mostly importantly,


I hope to do one more post when we get home to add a few more interesting 
details and photos.   For now, thanks so much for your interest and 
support during this adventure!


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