Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It was an "L" of a Day!

The two highlights of the day for me were a stop in Freeport, ME at the enormous 
Flagship L.L. BEAN store and my mouthwatering LOBSTER dinner....Hence, 
today's blog title!   Photos of both experiences can be found below.

More importantly, Glenn had a great ride today from Kennebunk to
Brunswick, a distance of 58.64 miles.   It was another quick and easy day for him.
This leg took him through Portland, passing the airport.
He pedaled for almost 4 hours with a stop to meet me and have a quick snack
in Freeport.   Glenn burned 3016 calories today and ate well at dinner 
to compensate.  The elevation was 2334 feet today.  The scenery was not as spectacular 
today since most of the ride was inland.  He did a few miles on the Eastern Trail 
which is part of the East Coast Greenway but it was hard packed and 
gravel-filled so he made his way on the roads using his GPS on his bike.  

On his way into Brunswick, Glenn rode through the lovely
campus of Bowdoin College.  He reached the hotel before I arrived for the first
time on this entire ride so he had the pleasure of checking in!   For those new
Blog followers, I should mention my three criteria for choosing hotels
along the route :  Free Parking, Free Breakfast and Free WiFi.  
We have all of those amenities tonight.

Choosing not to take his backpack today, Glenn stuffed his
back pockets with all kinds of goodies.  Thank goodness for the
extra storage space in biking jerseys!  

Off on Day Two from Kennebunk to Brunswick.  It was
another beautiful, sunny day with minimal humidity!  Glenn is
already worried about rain that is expected on Thursday
and Friday.   The rain gear will get put to good us, I fear!

While riding on the East Coast Greenway, known up here as the Eastern Trail,
Glenn came upon this sign that reinforces just how far he has
come....but how many miles still remain to be pedaled! 

What connection does this Brunswick College
have with the Civil War Period?

First correct answer will be rewarded with a T-shirt!
Email your answer to lynnhirsch@@yahoo.com

Meeting up on Main Street in Freeport, ME.  L.L. Bean 
must support the economy of the town...The huge Flagship
store covers an entire block or two in this town of 
shops, outlets and restaurants.  I thought it was appropriate
that we met in front of the Bike store!

Another "L" -  LARGE boot.  It was hard to
snap a photo without catching a family posing 
next to and under this gigantic L.L. Bean boot!

Our rental vehicle....Maine truly is a wonderful vacationland!

Another sign showing the presence of the East Coast
Greenway in Bath, ME, a quaint little town a few
miles from Brunswick.

Two nights in a row, we found great restaurants for dinner
on YELP.  This one was quite a gem.  Tucked away on the
waterfront in Georgetown, ME, Five Islands Lobster Co.
was the perfect place to relax and have our first lobster 
while in Maine this trip. The steamers were great too!  

Lobster traps that, I am sure, brought our lobsters in from 
the local waters just moments before we arrived!

Our view at dinner.

The seagulls were cute and amusing from afar.....

and just a little threatening up close!

Casual dining with a spectacular view!

Many lobster boats filled the harbor.....in for the night but
will head out early tomorrow for another great catch!

Dinner.....simply and delicious!
And the price was right!

Some days the perks of my job as Glenn's support 
team make the hard times worthwhile!

Tomorrow we head to Camden, Maine.   We'll be back on the coast
with more wonderful scenery....and more great seafood!

Thanks for following us and for your continued support!

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