Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bicycle Mechanics 101

We made it safely to Portland, Maine then to Derry, New Hampshire 
 for the night.  Plans are being made for a great first day tomorrow from
Odiorne State Park, NH to Kennebunk, Maine.

The first, and most important, task today was reassembling Glenn's
bike. Amazingly, this was accomplished quickly with the help
of Craig Bulkley.  I know you have all been waiting
patiently to see if this puzzle was successfully put together!

"I think this wheel goes somewhere!"

Part L fits into Part M
Would have been great to have directions to follow!

Thought that the derailler was bent.
Not a good thing.....but all was well

A seat would be good!

We're Good to GO!

Max is hydrating for tomorrow's ride.
Sadly, he doesn't realize that he isn't joining the guys on the road.

Thanks to our hosts, Deb and Craig Bulkey!
Craig and his friend, Kevin, will lead Glenn through Portsmouth
and Southern Maine tomorrow!

The "Maine" Event begins in 12 hours!

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