Monday, November 7, 2016

Double Marathon Day!

One last look at our hotel porch in
Fort Davis before heading out to Marathon, TX

A look at the downtown area :)

Chilly the 40's to start!
Glenn headed out at 8:45 and I 
followed about 30 minutes later.

This is usually what people think Glenn is riding 
when we say he is biking from Phoenix to NOLA!

Caught up with Biker Glenn on Rte. 118
heading to Alpine,TX.  Just two roads
again today. 118 and 90!  Maybe that
map isn't really necessary after all!

A pass-by on the road!

Welcome to Alpine, Texas!
It is a metropolis of 6000 residents
with a hospital, a college and an 
independent baseball team, The Cowboys!

We thought that the area would be getting flat but
there are still plenty of mountains in the distance!
Apparently, the are a mile high here.

Small airport, small planes and little wind!

Heading to Marathon....It should say 26.2 miles, shouldn't it?

The Best Little Target in Texas!

This"artwork" on Rte. 90 was too good to pass!
Of course, I had to do a search for info about it!

Glenn's one shot of the day!

Entering Marathon, TX
The census bureau estimated the
population here in 2010 to be 430.

It has been the location for filming scenes
for several movies, Paris, Texas and Fandango. 

After some of our recent hotel experiences, this 
place is the Taj Mahal! Thanks to some of our
Texas friends for recommending it!

Something tells me that we will NOT be using
these today.   Enough biking for Glenn today
and not much scenery right around here:)

No Wind!!!!!

Not sure that you can see the sign on the wall.
It says Handicapped Parking.   I wonder
who arrived in this vehicle?!

Those who know me well are aware that I equate
palm trees with vacation.  I can truly say that
today I feel like I am on vacation!


Glenn rode in at 12:34 PM, a rather short and easy day for him!

A Glimpse from Glenn

I came up with a Top 6 List for Today

                                     6. Sunny day
                                     5. No mountains to climb
                                     4. A tail wind
                                     3. The shoulder was smoother than the road
                                     2. No flat tires
                                        (but then there was one a 1/2 mile from the hotel!)
                                     1. Lynn.....couldn't do this without her

I want to call this a lotus cactus!
I have no idea what it is really called!

The back patio of The Gage.
Might just have to sit out there with a 
margarita later.

Today's Stats

Glenn called this his Double Marathon ride 
to Marathon because it is so close to the 52.4 that 
would be the mileage for that!
54.17 is just a bit over.  

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  1. Looks like my kind of hotel today!! Glad everyone had a good day!!

  2. Loved the butterfly video. Made me realize just how much the butterfly population has been declining as butterflies are not as prevalent in our area of Colorado now as they had been when we moved here in 1980.


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