Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Day of Firsts.....The First Century and The First Day in Louisiana!

The sun shone on us today and it looks as 
if we'll enjoy this same weather all the 
way to New Orleans on Friday.  

We drove out of Beaumont together at about 8:15 this morning since the roads leaving the city didn't seem conducive to bicycle travel.  We crossed the bridge over the Sabine River together and entered Louisiana after nearly 13 days of pedaling and driving through the massive state of Texas.  Knowing that entering LA means that we are getting very close to the end of this adventure, makes us want to make the most of these last few days. 

This was one of the sites of flooding on March 17 of this year.  

While we were in the car, just before we crossed the bridge into LA, we both heard Phlash Phelps update the listeners on our location. Missed the very beginning while I fumbled for my phone but I caught most of it here.  


Glenn and I parted company at 8:55 in Vinton, LA where we could find a decent part of Rte. 90.  We hoped that this would be our route for the whole day.  It seemed to be a relatively quiet road.

I tried to find interesting things along the road.  I have to admit that today was not filled with awe inspiring scenery.  We still are seeing many farms and ranches. No McDonald's, Wendy's, Publix or Starbucks in any of these towns.  The Dollar General seems to be the grocery store, hardware store, drug store, public restroom (for me) and gift shop all rolled into one.  Numerous locations!
By the way, not everything in the store is $1.00 :) 

I got some advice from a local tonight. 
It seems this may be a dried sorghum crop

I had problems finding places to pull over to wait for Glenn today. The side of the road, all along the route was a ditch sometimes filled with water.  So I stopped in the Dollar Tree parking lots, a small Post Office lot in Iowa, LA and in the driveway of a group of Silos.
 It was very funny to see this sign since there is 
no shoulder to on which to park!

This was a view of the road most of today.
No shoulder and a ditch on the side.

Today's preferred parking spots!

Glenn hopped in the car with me at a place where 90 east fed right into 10 super highway biking today.  We crossed Lake Charles together on a bridge that would have been a terrifying bicycle experience for any rider.

Glenn enjoyed his first lunch of the day while in the car.  
He hopped out and continued on Rte. 90.  

We saw a few interesting signs today.  The golf cart seemed the most out of place since this doesn't seem like an area with a golf course.  The Hurricane Evacuation signs are all too familiar from times in New Orleans and the Florida gulf coast. 

No worries about that for me!

Frog Capital of the World!!!!
We thought that was Hillsboro, NM!

Jeff Davis sure made his way around the south!


Winner of the most colorful sign today!

The Texas shaped road signs have been 
replaced by the Louisiana map!

Passed this sign in Lafayette!

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette was established by state funding in 1898.  The doors first opened in 1901 and Ragin' Cajuns athletics started with the first group of students.  The history of the University and it's athletics had begun.

Some things that are very much associated with Louisiana 
are its Parishes and Bayous and the Cajun language. 

Glenn wondered if the water in the back 
portion of this photo might be a bayou

From a magazine article:

Here are a few words you might hear people saying in Cajun when visiting Louisiana.

  1. bouder [bou-dehverb: To pout or sulk. “She boude’d all night because he stood her up.”
  2. envie [ahn-veenoun: A longing or hunger to do or eat something. Other Southerners might use the word ‘hankering’ where a Cajun would use ‘envie.’ “I’ve got an envie for some boudin.”
  3. gris gris [gree-gree] noun: To put a curse on someone. Frequently used in jest, not in reference to actual black magic. “Grandma got so mad when I ate her pie, she put a gris gris on me.”
  4. fais do do [faydoe doe] expression: A Cajun dance party. (Also an expression adults use when they want children to go to sleep.)  “Will we see you at the fais do do?”
  5. cher [shanoun: A term of endearment usually used with women, similar to ‘dear’ or ‘sweetheart.’ “Would you like another cup of coffee, cher?”
  6. tit (masculine) or tite(feminine) [tee or teetnoun:The Cajun equivalent of ‘junior,’ but placed before the name rather than after. “I had dinner with John and his son Tit John.”
  7. veiller [vay-yay] verb: To talk with friends. Cajun equivalent of “to shoot the breeze.” “She was vellier with all her friends on the porch”
  8. honte [hontadj.: Embarrassed or ashamed. “I drank too much and fell into the bayou. Boy, was I honte!”
  9. minou [më nü'noun Cat. “Get that minou off the table! It’s time for dinner.”
Not so difficult now that you know, right? Use these at your next Mardi Gras party to impress your friends and don't feel honte when you meet a real Cajun!

The big excitement of the day was this event!   We saw the blinking lights of several sheriff's vehicles ahead and we were pulled over, me in the car and Glenn later on his bike.  We couldn't imagine what was happening....and this appeared!  The video is Glenn's!

A real doublewide....taking up both lanes of the road!


Glenn in the distance above. 
Below, not Glenn. 
There was actually one other rider on the road today. 

The ride today took us from Beaumont, TX to Lafayette, LA
I stayed fairly close to Glenn for most of the day but
when we were 25 miles from Lafayette he sent me ahead
since he was pretty sure he could do the last 25 on his own!

This truck was disconcerting as I passed it!  
I first thought that it was coming toward me!
First time on I-10 in Louisiana for me!

Today's Stats

century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles (160.9 km) or more within 12 hours

A Glimpse from Glenn

Considering how much traffic there was on of some the highways
in Texas, I was concerned about taking US 90 in Louisiana to Lafayette.
I was pleasantly surprised and felt safe and comfortable during today's journey.  I was also determined to get my first 100+ mile ride on this 
trip.  One problem that I nearly encountered was the shift to central standard time but I reached the hotel in Lafayette before dark....but I did have my lights on.   Tomorrow should be a much shorter day! 


We just met a college friend of our daughter, Jill, for
dinner tonight here in Lafayette.  Mirka has been on
three of our last four ride routes and has been a 
great I Care I Cure I Cycle cheerleader and her
husband, Chris has joined the ICIC team too.  Glenn 
had 4540 calories to replenish at the Greek restaurant!

Don't forget to send me your biking
road signs!   A tee-shirt will be awarded
on Friday! 

Here is today's entry from Sam!

It was taken in Asheville, NC.

This ride is all about family....we do it for
family and are supported by our family!
Thanks Jill, Shahak, Benji and Evan for
wearing your logo tee shirt to support Pa.
We love you and miss you!

Click Here to donate in honor of Glenn's Century Ride!

On days like this we depend on Ian to push us through!


  1. Let's see if after 14 days I can post a comment without having to change my password? Amazing that you did over 100 miles today. That doesn't even seem like it is possible.
    Looking forward to your return to the mountain.

    1. Thanks, Wendy! The end is in sight! See you soon!

  2. You guys are do amazing. I feel that I say that all the time! Today when listening to your radio broadcast I smiled thinking, "gee I knew them when....." you two make a difference in the world. Love you both

  3. Thanks, Mel! And you are a great supporter of ICIC! xoxoxox


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