Sunday, November 6, 2016

Off The Grid!!!

Glenn headed out from Van Horn at 8 am today with a route that included 
only two roads - I-10 and Rte. 118. The time on the highway was great - 
smooth roads, nice temps, no wind and little traffic.  Rte. 118 was much different.  
The road surface was not smooth and may have been a factor which
 contributed to yet another flat tire!!  

This road was hilly, desolate and warm with no shady spots at all. 
We also no longer had cell service so we were reliant on the satellite phones. 
No phone service, no data but I did have XM radio!

Taking off from Van Horn

This is where you will find me every evening!

I was able to stay in the hotel room at extra two 
hours after Glenn took off....some much needed "me" time!

On I-10 heading to find Glenn.  The scenery is still great!

The rest of the day was spent on Rte. 118! 

52 miles doesn't seem like a long distance, maybe an
hour by car.  By bike, it took 5 hours!

Enjoy the scenery.....I did!

This is the place you will find me all day!

The road surface on Rte. 118 that was the 
culprit today causing a flat tire!
Tomorrow we will be in search of a 
bicycle shop to try to take care of this 
tire situation! 

This cow was staring at me!   I was glad that
there was a fence between us!

On days that I hang with Glenn and move forward 5 or 
10 miles with him, I am finding things to do to keep busy.
Today, I was planning to read on my Kindle to find
that it was out of juice.  I was so glad that I had this
puzzle book to pass the time.  Thanks Wendy and Roz!

Test your knowledge of the flag wind method!

Glenn's guess is 15-20 mph today!

Glenn did some long climbs today.
I caught him as he was reaching the top of 
one of these long roads up!


Still looking great!

A Glimpse from Glenn

Today marks the point at which the rest of the ride is done in standard time. Sunrise is earlier but so is sunset. Although one of us had a good night's sleep, me, we set out to what proved to be a gorgeous day. I took off at 8 and had 36 miles on I-10. We got off just before the junction with I-20. Could have taken that route home, but after a rocky start, I am not ready to head home yet.  I had told people before I left that I had low expectations for scenery. But today's route to Fort Davis was phenomenal. I decided not to pay any attention to altitude changes and figured I would just deal with it. Today's route is known as the Texas Mountain Trail so it was not flat (only the tires continue to be that). When we got into town, I asked for directions to the hotel (men can ask for directions, something I have learned to do with this bike touring) and he said that Fort Davis is at the same altitude as Denver. So I was much higher at some points. We passed the University of Texas M Donald Observatory but did not stop.

Fort Davis, as is the county it is in, is named after Jefferson Davis. The fort was built in 1854 and at that time he was Secretary of War of the United States. Considering where it is located, I guess there was no pressure to change the name after he assumed the Presidency of the Confederacy.

Today was a good day, I just hope to continue a few of these in a row. 
With another good night's sleep that should be possible.

It's a "SIGN" of the times!

Signs along today's route

Tonight is a little bit of an abbreviated blog.
There is no wifi in our hotel so we are sitting in 
the Fort Davis Drugstore where they have 
greasy burgers, caloric milk shakes and great wifi.
They close soon so I am running out of time to chat!

Today's Stats

Glenn earned is dinner today!
Check out the calories expended!

Until tomorrow!
If we have wifi!

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  1. The stools and counter remind me of my grandparents' store. Your drive without all the electronics must have felt like times gone by too! Keep up the good work and stay safe you too. Watch out for those cows😉

  2. Will you pass through Marfa, TX? It is a cool little hippie/artist town. Have to see the Prada Display in the middle of nowhere on the way into Marfa!

  3. Watch out for the loose livestock too. Maybe you took a detour to Robin's neighborhood in Costa Rica??

  4. The flood gauge is eye-opening and a bit think that water levels can rise so high! I'd never seen one of those before.


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