Friday, November 11, 2016

Many Thanks!

Thankfully, the tire was not flat this morning...just needed
a little air.   Glenn left from the hotel in Blanco at 8 AM
heading for Bastrop, Texas, a much larger town!

Off in the rain....despite the fact that our
apps said that there was little chance of precipitation.

I treated myself to a leisurely breakfast at the
local morning hotspot, the Chess Club Cafe.
We did have free parking and free wifi last 
night but no free breakfast gave me the opportunity to 
have a delicious breakfast before heading out to meet Glenn.

Lest we forget that we are in Texas, the Love Sta
and the red, white and blue are everywhere!

Glenn took this photo on the road today.
Lox Lane but no bagels anywhere around.

This was amusing to Glenn because he
was nicknamed "Bagels" in high school and
when I started dating him way back then
I was given the nickname of "Lox".
We'll have to ask our friend Bill Wachtenheim
how those names came to be.
Billy, let us know if you read this :)

Thankful that Glenn had those nice new tires 
and tubes when he got another flat today!

The sun came out and made the final miles 
of the ride much more pleasant.

Our destination for today is Bastrop which is
part of the greater Austin metropolitan area and
is about 30 miles southeast of the city.  It 
feels like we have returned to civilization!

Just when I thought we were nearing the metropolitan area,
I passed these ranches/farms.  More cows standing :)

I finally was able to get a shot of goats.  We have seen
many of them along the route.  It seems that dairy goats
are very numerous here and produce milk which is used for 
cheese and face and body creams.   Haven't seen many stores along
our route but I'll look for these products in Houston!

For our nephew, Grant, this is a Dunkey :)
 When looking up donkeys in Texas, I came across 
this interesting piece of information:

"Although people most often associate the SPCA of Texas with dogs and cats, we offer other animals for adoption such as horses, pigs, sheep, birds, donkeys, ponies, ducks, ferrets, rabbits and mice"

As you can see, there was not much scenery today.
Just a lot of fluff in the blog tonight :)

Glenn noticed on his map that he would be passing through the town 
of Bateman.  He was determined to get a photo of the sign for his childhood friend, Mike Bateman.  Glenn and Mike played baseball together and were part of a double play combination with Mike playing short stop and Glenn on second base! Amazing all of the things that go through one's mind when on a bike all day! Helps Glenn get through the many hours of pedaling each day!  Wonder if Mike knows there is a town named for his family here in TX!  
Leave us a comment if you read this, Mike!

I had three things to accomplish today after Glenn and I 
went our separate ways on the road this afternoon!

1.  Get our very filthy new car washed!
I did it experience :)

2.  Take the satellite phones to the UPS store to mail them
back to the company from which we rented them. 
Can't say that they we used them much but, just like travel insurance,
it was comforting to know that we had them in case of an emergency!

3.  If you read the blog last night, you already know why
I needed to find a Walmart today!

If not, here's a hint!

Glenn arrived at our Bastrop hotel at 3:40 this afternoon.
It's interesting to see just how far the remote for the car locks
works.  Today, I was on the 4th floor and we had no problem!

We had two responses to yesterday's trivia question posed by Glenn

There are two photos in today's blog that remind 
Glenn of trips to Europe. Which two and why?

Roz Pinto is our tee shirt winner with the answer:

The two photos - Stonehenge look alike and the boot fence 
reminiscent of the shoes in Budapest

Thanks also to Jim Beaty for his correct answer! 

Today's Stats

It seems we had a computer glitch today.  The bike
computer gathered all of the information today but it
could not be found on my computer to save the map and details.
Back to our old method:

Glenn pedaled 89.6 miles at 14.84 mph in a riding time of 6:02 hours.
His maximum speed was 31.33 mph, he ascended 2801.8 feet
and descended 3891.1 feet. He expended 4331 calories
and almost ordered a second grilled chicken breast at dinner:)

We have planned the rest of the trip including our days in
Louisiana.  The itinerary for the next week is:
     Saturday, November 12        Bastrop, TX to Houston, TX 

                     Sunday, November 13           Houston to The Woodlands, TX 
                     Monday, November 14                        "

                     Tuesday, November 15           Conroe TX to Beaumont, TX 
                     Wednesday, November 16      Toomey, LA to Scott,LA

                     Thursday, November 17          Scott, LA to Morgan City

                     Friday, November 18               Morgan City, LA to NOLA

                     Saturday November 19            HOME!!!
 It is possible that the blog may be abbreviated the next few days 
since we will be staying with friends!

Many thanks to all of you who have made donations to
I Care I Cure in honor of Uncle Glenn's Ride!

Each year that we do this, we set a lofty goal of $10,000.
Some years we are successful....we are hoping that this
year will break all records since it is our longest ride.  
The last accounting has us at $6100 which is amazing!  
No donation is too small....or large :)

Feel free to forward the blog to friends and family 
who might be interested in the ride or the important cause!

Many thanks!

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