Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Stay, Super Moon, Superman!

 The Journey is the Reward!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day off in The Woodlands with 
Don and Denise. We ate, we walked and then ate some more. 
Thanks to our Super Hosts!

Close up and personal at an H-E-B store. 
There they say that it stands for
Here Everything is Better!

Looking really little as Denise photographs 
us from their condo overlooking a Koi pond!

A  bench donated by Don's practice sits right across from their condo

Here are my feeble attempts at 
getting a photo of the Super Moon


Now, these are incredible Super Moon photos
shot by our nephew, Kevin Beaty last night.
 He is a professional multi-media artist living and 
working in Denver now.

You can follow his work at Denverite.com or
on Instagram at dnvite. Thanks for sharing, Kev!

This is what a day off from riding and driving looks like in steps! 

Super Stay with Don and Denise, 
Super Moon photos by Kevin,
and now Superman BikerGlenn
 is on the road again!!

Glenn and I drove to Conroe, TX this am and he took off from
 there at 8:15 AM. The entire route today was on Texas 105 which
 is a much better biking road than Saturday's speedway.  The speed limit today was, mostly, 55 on 105 with a nice wide shoulder. 

Welcome to Conroe, Texas.

During the 1930s, because of oil profits, the city boasted more millionaires per capita than any other U.S. city, though only briefly.  Elvis Presley performed at the high school football field on August 24, 1955. After the construction of Interstate 45, many Houstonians began to settle communities around Conroe. 

The wide shoulder made for a much less stressful ride today

Our route for the entire ride today!

Some strange named towns in Texas!

According to one local legend, Cut and Shoot was named after a 1912 community confrontation that almost led to violence. According to differing versions of the story, the dispute was either over:
  • The design of a new steeple for the town's only church,
  • The issue of who should be allowed to preach there, or
  • The conflicting land claims among church members.
Whatever the circumstances were, a small boy at the scene reportedly declared "I'm going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!" This statement apparently stayed in the residents' minds and was eventually adopted as the town's name.  It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.

Perfect sign for us today....Conroe to Beaumont 
****Beaumont or Bust!****

Glenn on the shoulder and an
enormous flag as I caught up to him
about 25 miles before reaching Beaumont.

Still Texas and still farms and ranches!

This is our 12th day heading across Texas!
This is a huge state....we wouldn't
STEER you wrong!

Almost to Louisiana!!!!

Beaumont's early history was centered on the development of lumber, farming, and port industries. In 1892,  Joseph Eloi Broussard opened the first rice mill in the state, stimulating development of rice farming in the area; he also organized an irrigation authority to support rice culture. A big change occurred in 1901 with the Spindletop gusher, which demonstrated the potential of the huge oil field. The area transformed into one of the major petro-chemical 
refining areas in the country.

Glenn arrived at our hotel in Beaumont, Texas at 2 PM today
allowing time for relaxing and blogging before dinner.

Today's Stats
With a little help from Garmin Tech support,
we are back in business with our stats and map display!

Today was an easy ride for Glenn.  We woke up this
AM to fog but it burned off before Glenn got on his bike.
He says it was flat and tree-lined with comfortable temps.
The road was fine, the traffic was bearable but there
wasn't much to see on this route.  

Today's ride was what Glenn anticipated in Texas.
 All of those scenic, hilly, desolate days were a surprise!

Listening this morning, as I do each day, to the 60's on 6 today on Sirius /XM radio, I caught someone calling in and referring to Glenn's goal to ride around the entire circumference of the US on his bike.  He wondered just how many miles that would be.  Phlash wasn't sure but he promised to get the information.  I set to work to do the math for him.  Here is an approximate total of Glenn's mileage on his bike.

The first two rides benefited The Lung Association and the  
Arthritis Foundation but the remaining rides were done for
I Care I Cure!

1. Seattle to DC in 2000

          3300 miles

2. San Fran to LA in 2004
           750 miles
3. Key west to Maine at the Canada Border from 2009 to 2013
            2538 miles
4. Seattle to San Fran 2014
           956 miles
5. New Orleans to St. Augustine 2015
              680 miles
6. Phoenix to New Orleans 2016
                1550 miles

7. Phoenix to San Diego/LA. 2017
    502 miles

    This final leg will be done next year!

The Grand total, when completed, will be 10,276 miles

By the way, still hoping to be able to
post my interview on the radio sometime this week.

It's a Sign of the Times

In your travels, have you seen any unique bike signs?  I've become obsessed with them.  I just got this one from my stepmother, Fredi, who is traveling in Australia this week!  This is the first entrant in our "sign of the times" photo contest.  Send me any bike signs that you have seen or look for one this week. I will include them in the blog and we'll announce a tee shirt winner on Friday!!!

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