Thursday, August 28, 2014

Better Late than Never!

Day 11 - Mendocini, California to Fort Ross, California

Back to civilization!
We spent last night at the Fort Ross Lodge which is about 10
miles north of Jenner, California.  We had a great room, wonderfully
cool weather, and a beautiful view but no cell service or Wifi!
Thanks to Neil for sending out the emails and posting a status on
Facebook for us so all knew that we were ok....just off the grid
technologically.  The SAG team is now in Bodega Bay enjoying a 
view and some chowder at The Tides. They are nice enough to 
let us sit here and catch up with their Wifi!  This will be short
and sweet and we will try to catch up tonight!

My view as I catch up on yesterday's blog!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breakfast at the McCallum House before starting our day

It's cooler than expected.....putting on layers.
Those leg and arm warmers are
great.  You can peel them off as the day gets warmer!

Taking off from Mendocino heading toward Fort Ross

Another interesting ride along the Pacific Coast

Point Arena Lighthouse

Noticed this dear eating apples as we ate our tacos in Anchor Bay!

Goats grazing on the cliffside pasture

Three signs that no cyclist wants to see
And we saw plenty of them on this route!!

Coastal views- Enjoy without my commentary today!

An apple a day.....

Someone spends a lot of time on this!

This is how we saw several cyclists traveling.
No SAG team so he has to carry everything himself!

 Rough and rugged land on this part of the Pacific Coast

Stats for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jim pedaled 66 miles 
Glenn pedaled 73.9 miles, riding for 5 hours and 55 minutes
He expended 4081 calories and climbed 4603 feet.

Watch for another blog tonight for Thursday's ride.
Hoping to get both riders to give you their impressions
of this terrain.   Much more to come today!

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