Sunday, August 31, 2014

Journey's End

”Only those who will risk going too far can possibly 
find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot

We've had two days to reflect on our journey from Seattle to San Francisco and 
as the hours pass, the details of the ride become fuzzy, the aches and pains disappear
but the pride in the accomplishment remains a constant.   Glenn and Jim are still talking
about the long hills they climbed, the invigorating downhills that they experienced
and the treacherous roads that they encountered.  We all marvel at our incredible luck with
the weather in an area known for rain and gray. We admit to being tired - the men from riding 
and the ladies from the tedious days in the SAG vehicle and all of us from the early mornings 
and strange beds each night.   When one asks if we got along for the whole trip, we are proud 
to say that we all still like each other....perhaps even more than we did before :) 

This most certainly was "an excellent adventure" for all and we were so very
happy to share it with you.   We welcome ideas for the next 
I Care I Cure I Cycle journey.  Where would YOU like to see us ride or, 
better yet, ride with us?  We can't give up as long as
gentler cure for childhood cancer are not available for all kids!

We have a winner! 
Lucie Milosz Haskins, Glenn's high school classmate,
was the first person with the correct answers.
Lucie, Glenn says you were always a Math whiz!
Your shirt will be on its way when we get home!

The total number of miles pedaled by Jim is 706.96

The total number of miles pedaled by Glenn is 951.97

Way to go, Glenn and Jim!

We hope to have a current tally on donations this week.
We'll have one last wrap-up blog soon!

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