Saturday, August 16, 2014

Super Saturday Seattle Sightseeing!

The Countdown comes to an end!
Tomorrow is the day!

We are so excited to have Jim and Laurie Beaty with us on this journey!
We will all be sharing the blogging duties so watch for updates from all four of us this ride!

Gems from Jim:

This is my first big ride, so every experience is a first timer.  Last Sunday, Sean & I boxed up my bike and brought it to the Amtrak station in Charlotte.  Amtrak was really inexpensive, but there is no tracking mechanism.  Trains don't have the best track record (pun intended).  I was a little nervous until arriving at the station in Seattle this morning.  There it was.  Felt better then, but out of excuses for delaying the ride.  

It was my first time in Seattle, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Atop the Space Needle, Laurie & I had a 360 degree view of this port city.  It'd be a terrific place to live if it didn't rain 90% of the time.  West coast mussels for a snack... fresh medium rare salmon for dinner at Steelhead Diner (heads up to our great waiter, Jeremy)... and of course, lots of coffee.  

Alas, it is time to get an early night sleep.  For tomorrow, we ride.

Making sure that everyone on the road knows what we are doing!!

Riding from the home of the Space Needle to the home of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Laurie and Jim see the city from the top of the Space Needle

The sights as we walked through Pikes Place Market

The home of the first Starbucks location!
1st and Pike
Longest line you will ever see at a Starbucks!

Dinner with a special family friends at Steelhead Diner.
Loved spending time with Sheina, Tim, Reid and Henry!

Had a full day of walking today.....tomorrow Jim and Glenn RIDE!

Red Skies at night, Bikers Delight!