Saturday, August 23, 2014

California, Here We Come!

Day 7 - Gold Beach, Oregon to Klamath, California

One last check of the bike computer before taking off this AM.
Not only does this little gadget provide the stats, but it is a GPS too!

Heading out on another bright, sunny day! 
We have been going through a lot of sunscreen, thankfully!

Laurie and Lynn explored the beach in front of the hotel cottage in Gold Beach.
 It was a beautiful expanse of beach covered with an incredible number 
of stones and very interesting driftwood!  We were glad we were wearing sneakers!

Our attempt at being artistic in a photo!  

Back in the room.....Even we SAG ladies have a beauty routine!

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor provided us 
with some magnificent views as we headed south today.

Ferrelo Viewpoint

Lone Ranch State Park and Beach

Rainbow Rock View Point

After a quick stop in Brookings, OR, we were on our way to
California to catch up with Jim and Glenn

A Glimpse from Glenn

Today was an interesting day on the bike. We had a hill coming out of Gold Beach. On the other side, we had some more views of those volcanic rocks in the ocean that we have come to expect.  We finished our Oregon portion of the trip in Brookings.  Oregon was everything I thought it would be with one exception.  I had the misconception that there would be times where the road was closer to the beach so that we could stop and explore but that was not the case. But the views and the weather were perfect.  I would have to say that Oregon has to rank right up there with any of the bike touring I have done.

We crossed into California and Jim mentioned that he always considered San Francisco to be northern California but it is nearly 360 miles away.  Jim stopped his ride to join the girls to see the Redwoods while I ventured on.  I saw my first surfers in Crescent City. I have come to expect them all along the coast from my previous ride in California.  There was a giant hill out of Crescent City, almost 1200 feet, Jim might decide to get up early tomorrow and do it just for the experience :)  The climb provided me with the chance to ride among the Redwoods. They are some gigantic trees.  The downhill was fantastic and my view of the ocean revealed some of the same volcanic structures we saw over the preceding days. The gang caught up with me and Jim joined me for the last few miles to the hotel.  What a first week!

First meeting in California.  We seem to have entered 
farm country!   Horses and tractors abound!

Just a couple miles west of Crescent City, we traveled on a 
10 mile unpaved stretch of Howland Hill Road which offers 
motorists an intimate encounter with the towering old-growth 
redwoods in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. There are
 numerous pull-outs and trailheads along the way.  This scenic route
 is home to the sixth largest Redwood in the forest.

Jim is dwarfed by the root system of this enormous redwood!

Not sure but we think this is the tree that the ranger mentioned.
It might be the sixth largest tree in the the park.

Lynn found a new advantage of being short...
you can fit in holes in Redwood trees :)

Thankfully, this in not the beginning of OUR Bike Route!
We are a bit more than half finished with this journey!

California Coast!

Mystery of Trees...Must be quite a place.  We have
been seeing signs for this place for miles and miles!

Photos from where Glenn sits.....
A very narrow bike seat!

Sign of the day!

We are loving our Tahoe (SAG vehicle).
Thanks to Budget Rental Car at the Seattle Airport
for being so nice to us!

Thanks to for helping us find this 
wonderful dining experience for tonight.
We went just down the road from our hotel in Klamath, CA 
to Kamp Klamath for a BBQ with music.  You'll be able to 
tell how incredible it was by seeing these photos!

Nick and Cathy, our entertainment tonight.  It turns out that Nick
was better know as Ron Nicholas.

Salmon that was freshly caught today and grilled to perfection!

Stir fried veggies straight from the garden at Kamp Klamath

Rice Pilaf

I always try to present our food in this colorful way but
I have never quite gotten it this right!

Jim isn't quite sure about eating this edible flower but he'll give it a try!

Everything about the evening was perfect!

If you are in this area on a summer Saturday night,
make your reservation early!  There was a crowd!
Click here to read more about Kamp Klamath

Today's Stats:

Jim rode 52 miles today and felt like he could have
done many more but the driving tour through the Redwood 
Forest with Lynn and Laurie was too interesting to pass up! 

Glenn passed up thetour to pedal through the
area on his own.  He logged 74.69 miles
 in a riding time of 6 hours and 11 minutes.
He expended 4406 calories and climbed 3715 feet!

Love these sentiments - Jim found this chalk drawing on a wall today!

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