Friday, August 22, 2014

The Only Flat Things Around Here are Jim's Tires!

Day 6 - Coos Bay, Oregon to Gold Beach, Oregon

 We just may have been in Oregon on 5 of the nicest days in the state's history.  Locals 
can't believe our luck.  Another great day - perfect weather, exquisite scenery, and great company!

Jim and Glenn ready to roll
In front of our B & B in Coos Bay, Oregon

Seeing a fig tree up close and personal in the B & B yard

First meeting of the day with Glenn and Jim
All is well!

Glenn watering the roadside vegetation

Our first bridge of the day

Bandon, Oregon
Face Rock

Devils Kitchen On the Scenic Loop Drive in Bandon, Oregon
Haystack Rock is the centerpiece of the rock formation.

The sand at Devil's Kitchen Beach is like confectioner's sugar.

Lunch stop for Glenn and Jim
A short rest on the Bandon Scenic Loop Drive

In case you are wondering what the riders eat during 
their pedaling hours:

Multiple peanut butter sandwiches,
Homemade Trail Mix, Fruit, lots of water

Peanut Butter Sandwich, Trail Mix, Fruit
Protein bars, Shot Blocks
electrolites in water

Jim's first flat tire (of the day) hence the title of today's post!

Cape Blanco State Park and Lighthouse

A six mile drive from Rte. 101 was well worth the time.
This lighthouse is Oregon's oldest and most westerly.

View from the foot of the lighthouse.  Someone mentioned seeing
a whale but we didn't see it....should have packed our binoculars!

We climbed to the top of the lighthouse and found this magnificent 
Fresnel lens which appear prism-like and includes bulbs that produce
 light that can be seen up to 26 miles away!  

The two bulbs are visable in this photo

View from the top of the lighthouse

The prism effect is shown here

The lens was made in Paris and brought to Oregon for use at Cape Blanco

Can you tell how mezmerized we were by this part of the tour?!

This spiral staircase lead up to the top of the lighthouse.
Laurie is seen here heading down after the tour.

Jim and Glenn's Top Ten Reasons why they appreciate their SAG 
(Support & Gear) Team pictured above

1.  They scout ahead to let us know what the route is like
Hills? Scenic areas off the route? 

2.  They show up when needed
Extra tires, air for tires, rescuing Jim

3.  They pack and unpack the car at each hotel
They appreciate elevators - stairs are not fun!

4.  They make dinner reservations to refuel us at the end of the day
If we are in a town with restaurants :)

5.  They provide food and snacks for the ride
 Today we arrived to the hotel to find local cheese and wine!

6. They do all of the driving and pay all of the bills
We even try not to be back seat drivers

7.  They married us MANY years ago
 and are STIILL willing to do this for us.

8.  They faithfully write the blog
and let us go to bed early

9. They are our greatest cheerleaders
minus the pom-poms

10.  Most importantly, they provide much needed body massages 
after the day's ride to aid recovery.
We wish!

Wild flowers (or weeds) along Rte. 101

Jim's second flat tire (of the day)!  
The route was not flat but Jim's tires were!!!!

Jim's friend Ric said when hearing about this, 
 " Don't be discouraged, they are only flat on the bottom"!

Laurie and Lynn had a great stop in Bandon!
Lunch and cheese & ice cream sampling at the Face Rock Creamery.

Our choice for our late afternoon wine and cheese appetizer

 This is a working factory....watching from above as we enjoy our 
lunch.  A panini with cheese, of course!

Now we know what they do with all of the logs we see on trucks going by!

Humbug Mountain State Park
At 1,756 ft, Humbug Mountain is one of the tallest mountains in Oregon to rise directly 
from the ocean. Its slopes feature an old-growth temperate rainforest of Douglas-fir, 
spruce, grand fir, Oregon myrtle, alder and Western red cedar. 

The water was the bluest we have seen here.  
It almost reminded us of the Caribbean.

The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge across the Rogue River on Highway 101 at Gold Beach 

Our home for the night, The Nantucket Cottage, in Gold Beach.
There seem to be many references to Cape Cod here in Oregon
and some of the scenery also reminds us of Maine!

We welcomed Glenn and Jim home today with local cheese and 
local cranberry wine from the Face Rock Creamery.

Keeping the tradition going, here are some of the local beers that
Laurie buys for Jim daily!   They do also come with a welcome kiss!

The stats for today are impressive!
Jim pedaled for 57 miles and expended 3300 calories.
Laurie and I used them all up for him at the Creamery!

Glenn rode 81.1 miles in 6 hours and 10 minutes of pedaling time.
He ascended 3422 feet and used ONLY 4316 calories today!

We will reach California tomorrow....From Gold Beach, Oregon to the Redwood Forest!
This land was made for you and me!

Thanks for your trivia answers!  
The winner is Barb Kay who guessed that 
Steve Prefontaine was the native son from Coos Bay, Oregon.
He was a middle and long distance runner who participated in the 
1972 Olympics and with several other runners is said to 
have inspired the running "boom" in the 1970's.  
His coach, Bill Bowerman, founded the company that would become NIKE!

Check out the videos that were 
posted today on yesterday's blog!

Since this email button is bringing us so many notes and well wishes from
you all, we'll continue it daily.  Thanks for your wonderful support!

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