Sunday, August 17, 2014

We're off...Day One is in the Books!

The ride started with an 8 AM departure from the Crown Plaza
in Downtown Seattle.  Jim and Glenn had a quick .06 mile ride to Pier 52
where they departed for Bremerton on the ferry!

Racing to the Ferry....they were the last ones on before it took off!

Early morning fog as seen from the waterfront near Pier 52

Preferred mode of transport?
Hmmmm - Cruise ship or SAG vehicle?!

Slow.....those RR tracks can shake up those bikers!

Seattle is a bike friendly town!

The next group of photos were taken by Jim and Glenn
as they viewed the countryside from the ferry and their bikes

Salmon fishing! A local pastime.

An old Mill on the side of the road

While the Cats are away the Mice will play

Laurie and Lynn enjoyed the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle.
Dale Chihuly grew up in Washington State and has always had 
strong ties to this area. Magnificent work!!

The only way to capture the incredible glass designs on the ceiling!

Laurie's view from the floor :)

The road warriors arrive in Elma, Washington at 4 PM.  
The had a good day with pleasant temperatures and nice scenery!
The highs were in the low 80's....we are all looking forward to 
60 degree temps along the coast.

I know everyone is waiting for the stats for the day!  We have two sources for this ride.

Glenn's bike computer:
The riding time was 4 hours and 52 minutes
They traveled a distance of 69.73 miles (Jim's longest ride ever!)
The elevation was 1994 Feet and they used 3666 calories.

Jim's APP Map My Ride
5 hours and 44 minutes
69.73 miles
5605 calories (I'd take Jim's calculation!)

We love the ability to post this from Jim's Map My Ride APP!

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