Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oregon Boasts a Beautiful Coast!

Day 4 - Tillamook, OR to Waldport, OR

Today was a great day....the sun was shining all day, no 
humidity, temps in the 60's and the scenery was awe-inspiring!
Glenn and Jim took off from our Tillamook motel at around 
8:30 heading to Waldport.  Much of the ride was on Rte. 101,
the scenic coastal route.   Laurie and I wandered down the coast, 
enjoying many vistas, beaches and fleeting sights of wildlife!

Cape Lookout State Park -3 miles of beach and amazing rock formations 

Notice the Three Arches in the distance - as seen in close-ups yesterday!

A quick roadside pull-off for this shot!

Flat tires on the road are never fun....Jim had that experience today!  Not only did he have his first flat tire of the ride but his second flat tire followed immediately.  He changed his first flat and was inflating the new tube when it exploded....too much air!  The bike shop in Newport, OR had a supply so Jim has replacements for next time.

Panorama by Laurie!

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area - This area boasts, sandstone, basalt and a sand dune!  
Driving on the beach, surfing and exploring tide pools kept visitors busy.

Laurie and I decided not to risk driving our rental car on the sand!

We met up with Jim at his 31 mile point.   He changed things up today 
and rode with Laurie and I in the car midday then was scooped up by Glenn and 
rode in the last 24 miles to our B&B for tonight in Waldport.

The site of Jim's midday rescue.

Depoe Bay - A sea wall runs the length of the town and we caught a 
glimpse of our first whale here.  That little spot in the middle of the photo 
seems to be a small gray whale.  The town's other claim to fame is that 
is it the smallest navigable harbor in the world!

Since I am usually the photo taker, it is a nice change to have
someone along to take an occasional shot of me
just to prove that I am really on this trip!

A chance drive by meeting with Glenn.
Long day for him!

And he's off again!

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and Lighthouse - Oregon's tallest 
Lighthouse perches above a habitat for sea birds and harbor seals and 
occasionally gray whales. We saw sea urchins and sea stars and were swarmed by 
flies! They tell us that the flies only appear on really nice days....lucky us!  

View from the Lighthouse

Tidal pools

Millions of Mussels!

Sea Star!

Seal Rock State Recreation Site - Rock formations not far into the ocean 
are a habitat for seals, sea lions and sea birds.  We were lucky to 
catch these seals basking in the sun on the middle rock formation.

Our "home" away from home tonight is a wonderful B & B in 
Waldport, OR, The Cliff House!  The view is spectacular and the hosts 
are warm and welcoming.  We needed this after yesterday's lodging fiasco.

View from Lynn and Glenn's room

 First steps in the Pacific on this trip!

Jim took advantage of the ice cold water
in the Pacific ocean to do his ice bucket
challenge for ALS.  Brrrrr!

Perfect sunset from our B & B tonight
Great way to end Day 4!

We had some technical difficulties with WiFi tonight so
some of the photos and stories planned for this blog post
may appear tomorrow so check back to Day 4 when you
read the Day 5 entry! 

Stats for Day 4
Jim rode 55 miles today and has mastered the gear changes for managing all of the hills!

Glenn pedaled 90.10 miles in 6 hours and 45 minutes.  He was starved when he rode in because he expended 5215 calories today and climbed 4703 feet.  
This coast is much hillier than the East coast!