Thursday, August 21, 2014

If It's Thursday, This Must Be Coos Bay, Oregon!

Day 5 - Waldport, Oregon to Coos Bay, Oregon

We had a nice send-off from two guests and the host of the B & B this AM!

Heading out later than usual today...couldn't miss the 8:30
breakfast prepared by Sharon and Glen, our hosts.
It was nearly 9:30 by the time they pedaled out.

Cape Perpetua

"Some call it the ‘rugged edge of the Oregon coast’ where the sun and surf meet to leave you spellbound and breathless.  It’s more than forty miles of central Oregon coastline beginning at Waldport and continuing along a southerly stretch of Coastal Highway 101 marked by steep headlands, jagged volcanic outcrops and jaw-dropping scenic drama."

Caught up with Jim and Glenn on the road

Glenn is taking advantage of many of the scenic overlooks on this trip!
Too good to pass up!

Devils Churn
The inlet developed over many thousands of years as wave action carved into the basalt shoreline, first forming a deep sea cave whose roof eventually collapsed. As the tide comes in it can throw spray several hundred feet into the air when the waves reach the end of the churn.

Cook's Chasm

Strawberry Hill State Park

We were advised by the owner of the B & B that we should skip 
the Sea Lion Caves and head, instead, to Strawberry Hill for Harbor 
Seal viewing.  Boy, was she right!   We found an abundance of 
these creatures just lazing in the sun!  Worth the stop!

Laurie and Lynn climbing down the hill to get a 
closer look at the harbor seals!

Heceta Head State Park and Lighthouse

This recently restored lighthouse sits in an idyllic setting on a beautiful headland.  We didn't visit the lighthouse but viewed it from afar which Glenn and Jim report is the best way to see it after trekking down a very long hill to approach it...then having to ride all the way back up to the road!   

Finally found a bike for Lynn....3 wheels and a basket!

Interesting combo of things sold at this bike shop in Florence, OR

Lunch in Old Town, Florence, Oregon on the Siuslaw River and 
the gateway to Oregon Dunes Recreation area.

Laurie's first dungeness crab.  It was a hit!

Caught up with Glenn and Jim....Again! 
The advantage of there only being one road to travel!

The Oregon Dunes are a unique area of windswept sand that is the result of millions of years of wind and rain erosion on the Oregon Coast. These are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America. Some dunes tower up to 500 feet above sea level.

 While Jim came in for the day, Glenn whizzed by....miles to go before he sleeps!


Top 10 things I've learned so far from Glenn

1.  Frequent Urination means proper Hydration.  Pee early and often.

2.  Obsess about the beautiful scenery, not about the terrain ahead.

3.  Sharing means Caring.  Don't hog all the draft.

4.  Losing 20 pounds is cheaper than buying a carbon bike.

5.  Don't sweat the big hills... And they're all big hills.

6.  If you can still walk up steps to dinner, you didn't bike far enough during the day.

7.  Chain grease on your leg is a sign of an amateur.

8.  Always take the path less flat.

9.  It's about the ride, not about the maps.  Plan less planning.

10. Setting a distance goal is limiting.

Our favorite signs from yesterday and today!

These two signs were contributed by Glenn.
His favorites because they both indicate that the
passing lane is coming to an end, that the
top of the hill is coming and the downhill begins!

There are bikes on the roadway every mile on this journey!
We love that the drivers are warned to watch for them!

Coming soon...
Our top 10 list of What Not to Say to Cyclists!
Feel free to send us one!

You don't have to tell me this twice!!


"There are many ways to mark travel along the Oregon Coast: seaside communities, 
beaches, beacons, bowls of clam chowder. But one of the most beautiful 
is the countdown of Oregon’s coastal bridges." 
Here are two.  Laurie and I love them....Jim-not so much :)

Laurie caught this great shot of Glenn exiting this tunnel through a mountain.
Better to have to go through the mountain than over it on a bike!

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park 

This historic lighthouse is at the mouth of the Umpqua River, with views 
of the dunes and the ocean. It is, apparently a great location for 
viewing the migration of whales but we didn't see any today!

Today's Stats

Weather was just perfect making for pleasant riding conditons!

Jim again rode 55 miles!  Another incredible accomplishment!  
Glenn pedaled 83.13 miles in 6 hours and 28 minutes.  He rode into
our B & B in Coos Bay at 5 PM after climbing 3883 feet and expending
4968 calories.  Don't worry he had a big Italian dinner tonight!

We know you have been waiting for the next trivia question!

Since we are in Coos Bay, Oregon, the question is about a well know native of this
town.  He is attributed with being one of several men who, in the 1970's,
sparked a healthy lifestyle craze that continues today.

Part 1 - who is this man?
Part 2 - what company did his coach go on to found?

Answer first and correctly to win a t-shirt!
Sorry...previous winners can answer but not win a t-shirt :)


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