Thursday, August 7, 2014

Successful Sweet Sale for I Care I Cure!

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Once again, our grandsons joined the fundraising
efforts with a Lemonade Stand to 
benefit I Care I Cure and in honor
of the West Coast bike ride!

Evan proudly served the drinks to "customers"!

All of our guests received info about I Care I Cure
and the blog address so they can follow the ride!

Evan displays the cash box that he designed while 
he samples the lemonade!

What a bargain! Thanks to all of those who came and 
donated above and beyond the asking prices!

Benji and Evan were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our
OVM customers!   We have the best neighbors!

Open for business!

Benji is helping Don Silverstein, one of our very generous 
guests!   Our neighbors at One Vinings Mountain
were so wonderful to stop by to visit and make donations.

The grand total today was $275!
We still have lemonade, tea and cookies so
the boys are still accepting donations!

Our countdown continues!
In 10 days, Glenn and Jim will
pedal out of Seattle heading to 
Elma, WA about an 80 mile ride!

Follow the adventure here!

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