Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Century......At Last!

Glenn finally reached his goal of doing a century ride today or, in layman's terms, 100 miles....actually 103 miles from Juno Beach to Melbourne Beach!   The weather cooperated....the wind was blowing in the right direction, the sun was shining and no rain hampered the ride. The route was very easy with much of it in bike lanes....travel was on Rte. 1 and A1A - some of it was very scenic. No impatient drivers honked at him today and he had the experience of being stopped by an open draw bridge over an inlet. He saw lots of waterfront real estate for sale....anyone interested?   At the 75 mile point, the cavalry arrived - ME - with more water and food!

For those of you in Atanta, I hear that the wind was VERY gusty today there. Just imagine riding a bike in winds that strong (minus the rain you are having). That is what Glenn contended with for the first three days!
Hope you are all staying safe and dry!

We relented on our accommodation plan a little for tonight....we only got two of three free features!  We sacrificed breakfast for an oceanfront view as you see in the photos!     Looking forward to relaxing while looking out at the ocean, having a good dinner, and getting a great night's sleep so that we can face whatever tomorrow brings!

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