Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rolling up the Coast

Beach Graffiti in Melbourne Beach

After breakfast on the balcony overlooking the ocean, Glenn departed from Melbourne Beach on Route 1. According to the Wind website that our son Seth found for us, today would be the last day with a tailwind so Glenn wanted to take advantage of that condition.   He thought you'd be interested in some of the data that his GPS computer compiled today. 

Glenn averaged 16.3 miles per Atlanta traffic, that is a good speed at rush hour!

He pedaled for 5 hours, 5 minutes and 42 seconds.....he was tired today but didn't think he could doze while riding!

The distance covered was 83.2 miles...not a century but great!

He expended 4257 calories.....Got him a big dinner tonight!

And for those who think that Florida is flat, he ascended 1609 feet today!  Can you figure that one out?!

We thought that a map of Florida might help you see just how much progress Glenn has made in five days.   We started on Saturday at the very southernmost tip of the Keys and we are in Daytona Beach Shores tonight which is circled and starred on the map.  Where else but Daytona Beach would you see speed limit signs on the beach!

Glenn has some aches and pains so the hot tub seemed a good way to end the day!

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