Thursday, November 12, 2009

One or Two Legs Left if Glenn's Two Can Make it!


                   Cool day in Florida -  in the 50's and very windy....the jacket and leggings never came off!

What day is today?   I have been having this problem all week!  If it is Thursday, we must still be in Florida!  Glenn pedaled 56.45 miles today and was slowed down by headwinds yet again!   He left Daytona Beach Shores and fought the winds for 28 miles before we decided to use the taxi technique again.  I picked him up just above Flagler Beach and drove him almost 29 miles north to St. Augustine...he warmed up and ate in the car on the way.  Just in case you are wondering what he eats while he rides - his daily intake on the road is two peanut butter and honey sandwiches, three Cliff Bars, a bag of pretzels, some kind of fruit and lots of water and/or Gatorade!  I dropped him off in St. Augustine and grabbed some Chowder at a cute little place overlooking some body of water there.   I then, slowly, headed back down to Flagler to meet Glenn at the spot where I picked him up earlier.  You will know that the drive back was boring when you see how I decided to pass the time.   There are many very interesting mailboxes in Florida.   Here are just a few that I saw today!

The photo on the left is a mailbox...the one on the right is the real lighthouse!

At the end of a long day, Glenn relaxed on the couch of the condo I found on in Amelia Island while I enjoyed another great view!  Tomorrow, Glenn will ride south to St. Augustine and I will pick him up there to return here for a second night!   It will be great to not have to load the car and adhere to a check-out time in the AM!   We hope to do the last 17 miles to the GA/Florida border on Saturday morning, a day earlier than we anticipated.   Wonder if there will be a crowd at the finish line cheering and popping champagne bottles?!?!!   I guess not....we'll do that when we get home!

We went to an Asian Fusion place for dinner tonight and got a fortune cookie that we thought applies to this journey.   "You have many friends when you need them" - You were all good friends when we needed help and support for this ride.  Thank you again!   We have thought about our nephew, Ian, often this week and Glenn feels that Ian's spirit helped him dig deeper in those hours that were difficult.

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