Sunday, November 8, 2009

Made it to Miami!

Glenn has a habit of losing his keys....but he will never forget where these KEYS are!   After two very long days, Glenn made it out of the Florida Keys and to Miami.  He logged 90.9 miles today and enjoyed the ride much more than yesterday's!   When he reached Kendall, he passed by Homestead Air Force Base where he pedaled by the race track where there seemed to be some race activity and he couldn't miss the planes soaring by at an air show.  While traveling east, the wind was not a big problem but the northern route through Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Miami was a challenge!   I met him in Miami on Biscayne Boulevard at the end of today's journey.   Hopefully, tomorrow Glenn will cover the Miami - West Palm Beach route.    After making reservations at two very nice resorts in the Keys and not having any time to enjoy the amenities, we have decided to choose the accommodations for the remaining nights based on "The Free Three" - free parking, free wireless internet and free breakfast!!!

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