Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Chillin" on the Coast

Good Morning!   As you can tell by the photos above, it is a bit chilly here today.  Glenn was forced to don his jacket and leggings for the first time on this journey!    The wind is also back in his face and about 18 miles per hour.  Thankfully, today will be a shorter ride....only about 135 miles left in the trip so he can keep today's ride to 65 or 70 miles!   We are hoping to stay in Amelia Island for the next two nights....anyone have a condo to rent us?!   This experience has put me out of my comfort zone.....I am a huge planner.  Never have I gone on a long trip without hotel reservations for each night!   Happily, most  days we have found lovely most places, there were not many choices so it was easy.  Looking for a place in Amelia Island for today is overwhelming!    I hear it is beautiful so I am looking forward to the visit there!   

The wind and cool temperature are convincing me that looking at the ocean from the room is enough for me walk on the beach and definitely no swim!    Not a soul around the pool and the only one on the beach is the beach patrol!    Have a good day...catch you tonight!

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