Monday, November 9, 2009

"Cue-less" on the Coast!

For those of us who have never ridden in an organized bike ride, Glenn explains that a "cue" sheet is given to the riders each morning so that they know the route for the day and can find their way from Point A to Point B.   Glenn has such sheets for most of this ride provided by the East Coast Greenway website.....but not for today's trek!!    He had to wing it!   Luckily, US Route #1 hugs the coast of Florida so he just stayed on that road most of the way and had a little help from his bike GPS and a good old fashioned map when a detour appeared.   Glenn started the day being dropped off by our brother-in-law, Brad, at about 8 AM in Dania Beach which is just south of Fort Lauderdale.   He had to head back down south to Miami to cover the 19 miles not done yesterday.  I picked him up at 10AM in Miami....very close to the port where the cruise ships dock.  There were 5 of them there today.....I was wishing that I could board one!   Instead, I took Glenn back to Dania Beach so that he could head north toward Juno Beach, our stop for tonight.  He traveled through Boca, Delray Beach, Palm Beach and he finally arrived at 4 PM in Juno Beach after having ridden 78.3 miles today.   The wind was blowing from the east today....still whipping Glenn around!   Today was the first day that he had shower needed after that soaking.   We have heard from some of you that there is a hurricane heading landward in the gulf....I think this wind is associated with the storm and we may yet have the rain when we travel north.   Just back from meeting some family for dinner.....They gathered to welcome us to their part of Florida! 


 I enjoyed the sights along A1A in Palm Beach as I drove north!

Lynn had a reunion with cousins Bruce, Lisa and Susan

The whole family including Lynn, Glenn, Bruce with his wife Maureen and kids Madison, Brielle and Steven, Aunt Bobbi, Lisa and Mitch  and Susan.

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