Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tough Start!

Number of miles ridden by Glenn today..............79
Number of hours taken to accomplish this............9
Number of minutes Lynn was stuck in traffic after an accident on the only road connecting the Keys.........40
Wind speed Glenn rode into for 47 miles...........25
Air temp for todays ride.............78
Remembering the reason that we are on this journey.............PRICELESS

I Care I Cure is a cause very close to our hearts and we wear the pink shirts in honor of Ian because pink was his favorite color!  Thanks for helping us to make this impressive donation to the foundation! laid plans!   No one told us that the wind would be blowing from the North relentlessly all day!  Glenn thought that the winds were impressive in Wyoming on his cross country ride in 2000 but these were even stronger.  The dark clouds and drizzle were minor factors.  After riding 46 miles INTO the wind, Glenn came up with a back-up plan.   I picked him up and drove him 32 miles north on Route 1 and dropped him off to ride south for that 32 miles with a tail wind!   I went back and picked him up before we headed to Key Largo, our destination for the night. What a difference that made in his time and energy expenditure.   We didn't make it the 105 miles planned but there is always tomorrow!

     Mile 79....near Marathon Key                                                                Lynn's traffic jam


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